200th Anniversary of Pride and Prejudice at the Jane Austen Society

If you're living in Louisville and you're a fan of classic literature, you are not among strangers. If you're in Louisville and you're a fan of 17th century English writers--particularly Jane Austen--then you're not among strangers either. In fact, some Louisvillians are such great admirers of Jane Austen that they founded The Greater Louisville Jane Austen Society, and anyone else enamoured with the works of Austen is welcome to join. Whether you be an avid reader of all her works or just a fan of the many film adaptations, there is plenty to enjoy with the Greater Louisville Jane Austen Society.

The first question asked may be, "Well, what do they do?" While just a standard book club wouldn't be a disappointment by any means, this group does a lot more, and often. Their events calendar (which can be viewed on their website, http://www.jasnalouisville.com) is filled with different things to do throughout the year, but on March 15th they are celebrating the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen's best-known novel Pride and Prejudice. Of course, if you're a lover of Austen's works there are obvious appeals, but given the event's descriptions, it sounds like a fun experience for anyone.

The event will be hosted at Locust Grove, a National Historic Landmark. It is a restored, historic mansion built in 1760 which features Kentucky-crafted antique furniture and artifacts. Given the closeness between the home's construction and the rise of Jane Austen, it is a perfect fit. Since the Greater Louisville Jane Austen Society will be using a home built in the 1700's, they will be doing things one might have done in the 1700's, such as enjoying a literary discussion over tea and scones. The society's website also states that trivia will be played, and--if you're a winner--prizes will be won. This is a particular draw for all of the hardcore Austen fans out there...if you have a wealth of knowledge about the English writer, why not put it to good use? Lastly, the dashing Mr. Darcy is promised to be in attendance. Who wouldn't want to meet one of the most-loved men in literary history?

Whether you are a fan of Jane Austen's work, an admirer of historical landmarks like Locust Grove, or you just want to spend a Friday night sipping tea and eating scones, joining The Greater Louisville Jane Austen Society may be a good choice for you. The event, as stated, will be hosted at Locust Grove on 561 Blankenbaker Lane, and it will last from 7 P.M. to 10 Friday, March 15th.

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