48-Hour Film Festival

Louisville is a city full of film-lovers. This is evidenced not only by the bustling movie theaters all over town you can see on the weekends, but also by the conversations you can have with people after a movie. Whether you loved a film or you hated it, there's usually somebody in the seat next to you who doesn't mind discussing the film's successes and failures. One of the city's most-popular annual events also has to do with our love of film--the Hitchcock Series at the Louisville Palace. People from all over Louisville flock to see old, classic films by director Alfred Hitchcock. For up and coming filmmakers, one of the most-important events is the 48-Hour Film Festival.

From July 19th to the 21st, inspiring directors, writers, and actors scrambled to make the best piece of film they could in the 48 hours they were given. That's right--one short film to be thought out, drafted, written, acted, shot, and edited in less than two days. It's a challenge, but for many filmmakers, it's a fun one. On the night of the 19th, participants were given a prop, a genre, a character, and a line of dialogue that had to all be included in the finished project that they turned in on the 21st.

You might be wondering why I'm writing about an event that already took place. Well, chances are that if you're a filmmaker, you knew about the 48-Hour Film Festival months ago, and you spent all that time assembling a dream team of actors, writers, and friends that could just help out. For filmmakers, the main part of the 48-Hour Film Festival is finished. For those of us that are better at watching films than making them, there is still plenty to enjoy from the 48-Hour Film Festival.

On the nights of July 31st and August 1st, Village 8 Theater on Dutchman's Lane will be screening all the short films submitted by particpants of the 48-Hour Film Festival. This will be open to the public, so anyone who wants to see what Louisville's aspiring filmmakers are doing can come to the event. How cool would it be to see films that came from Louisville? How cool would it be to have the first glances of a piece of work that came from a future big name in filmmaking? It's very possible that one of these directors could go onto something very big...the grand prize of the 48-Hour Film Festival is having your short film shown at the Cannes Film Festival.

Times have not yet been announced for the screenings on July 31st and August 1st, but they'll be posted first on Village 8's website, linked here: http://www.village8.com. If interested, just keep on eye on it.

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