Beginner Blacksmith Class at the Kaviar Forge

There are so many skills a lot of us wish we had. For example, who wouldn't love to be an expert artist? On the other hand, how many of us wish we could impress others with our dancing or our athleticism? For most people, we're simply not talented at certain things, but what about things you've never tried? Until you've tried something, how can you know whether or not you're good at it? When it comes to subjects such as cooking, some people just have a natural affinity for it, but can't cooking be taught as well? It its most simple form, cooking is just glorified measuring, isn't it? The same can be said for other skills. For example, how many of us know anything about blacksmithing? How would we know if we're good or bad at it unless we tried?

The Beginner Blacksmith Class at the Kaviar Forge and Gallery on Frankfort Avenue is all about letting people see whether or not they have an interest in the art of blacksmithing. It may seem like a random skill, but it's really not--it's an art that has been around for thousands of years, and good blacksmiths are still appreciated to this day. Being able to forge something original is completely awesome, and class instructor Craig Kaviar is certain that students at his forge can learn to love this historic art. He's been practicing the art of blacksmithing for over 30 years, so I'd take his word for it.

If you're interested, students are asked to bring their own safety equipment such as gloves, leather shoes, and protection for their eyes. Other than that, everything else will be provided by Kaviar, including tools and the materials that you'll forge with. The classes will be held on every Saturday between the dates of September 7th and October 5th at noon. A five week long, intensive study in the art of blacksmithing is sure to teach students a world of knowledge concerning this appreciated skill. Space at the Kaviar Forge and Gallery is limited, so registration is based on a first-come-first-serve basis. The cost of the class, which includes all materials, is four-hundred dollars, but Working Scholarships from the Fund for the Arts are available.

To register for the Beginner Blacksmith Class at the Kaviar Forge and Gallery, just visit the following link:!forge/vstc6=classes. The Kaviar Forge is located at 1718 Frankfort Avenue.

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