Behind the Thunder Over Louisville

Yesterday, we talked about Thunder on the Ground and the brief beginnings of Thunder Over Louisville. Now we’ll talk about The Show itself. As the largest annual fireworks display in North America, the Thunder Over Louisville has stands as different symbols for everyone, some takes it as a kick-off for the KY Derby, some treat it as the beginning of spring. For some, it simply is a celebration where a lot of memorable moments happen that they will be reminiscing throughout their entire life.

On its 26th year, Thunder Over Louisville will continue its legacy as the starter celebration of the Kentucky Derby Festival. It will be a kick-off for the exciting three weeks celebration of Louisville, Southern Indiana, and Kentucky. With the expected attendance of almost half a million, it is considered as the largest annual event it the region.

Every year starting 1994, the Thunder Over Louisville has a theme that they follow to incorporate music into the fireworks show. It also gives a unique flavor to the event. The organizers make sure that each theme shows salute to America. Some of the themes that has been used for the much awaited Thunder Over Louisville are “Phantom of the Opera”, “A Hollywood Thunder”, A Festival Odyssey”, “A Stars & Stripes Thunder”, “The Magic of Thunder”, and a lot more. This year’s theme will be “Boom with A View”.

As part of the celebration, there is a Thundernator for the special celebration. The role of the Thundernator is to provide the Thunder Countdown and “zero” ignition which will activate the Thunder launch system sequence.  Over the years, the organizers have chosen interesting individuals to act as the Thundernator like veterans, hand transplant recipients, astronauts, and other notable figures, for the past two years though, they have chosen Lotto Contest Winners  as a Thundernator, this year hasn’t change. For 2015, the lucky person to set the night sky of Louisville into a festival of light is Michael Ernstberger, another very lucky lotto winner.

This celebration wouldn’t be as magical as it is now without the musical background which accompanies the fireworks as they shoot up and brighten up the city. The soundtrack broadcast will be coming from the Waterfront Chow Wagon sound system and it will be on COX Radio’s Lite 106.9 FM. The music will depend on the theme of the Thunder Over Louisville, for 28 minutes, it will be magnificent treat not only for the spectators’ eyes, but also to their ears.

Of course, the whole show will not be possible if there wouldn’t be a Command Center. Located on the top of the Galt House is the mission control of the whole event, the Thunder Command Center. This is where everything is being operated, from air operations, to the sound system, to the police command, medical and fire rescue team, even for the media people. This is where all the busy bees work and buzz around to give the excited Ketuckianas a magnificent and magical show.

Holding this big event is not easy but every year, the Thunder Over Louisville is a big success. People from different places visit Louisville to witness this magical night and it’s all thanks to the hundreds and thousands of workforces who prepared for this for months to make sure that everything will be perfect on the night of the celebration.


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