Big Ol' Backyard Barbeque at the Home of the Innocents

If you’re anything like me, you just can’t get enough of some good ole’ barbeque. WithIndependence Day long gone and Labor Day on the horizon, it just doesn’t seem fair, right orreasonable, that to some, the barbeque season is possibly coming to an end. Well I got news for youmy fellow pork-heads, the local Home of the Innocence is teaming up with Chef Laurent Gerolis forthe Big Ol’ Backyard Barbeque celebration. A family event that is sure to feature some of the bestbarbeque in town, the Home of the Innocence sure has a lot in store for those of us who still wantto get out and enjoy some of the sunshine and great weather that late summer in Louisville has tooffer. In addition to having a chance to indulge in food, games and good times, participants will alsoget to experience another one of the many entertainment- themed fundraisers that a local non-profit is hosting in order to please you, while bringing attention to their cause.

The hosting chef for the event, Mr. Laurent Gerolis, is a chef who may be known to some inthe Louisville community as he also holds a position at the Brown Hotel. Having grown up inMontreal, Chef Gerolis accepted his first job at a Four Seasons there and from then has traveledinternationally sharing his passion and expertise for cuisine, while boasting over twenty years inprofessional kitchen experience. So for those who may be skeptical of eating any other barbequethan your own, trust me, this guy knows what tastes good!

The Louisville Home of the Innocents has been operating for over 132 years and has a mission ofgiving service and assistance to those individuals who are facing major crisis. Some of the programsbeing hosted at the Home of the Innocents are: healing programs for abused, abandoned and neglected children, programs for pregnant/parenting teens, medically challenged children, as wellas those who are terminally ill, in-school and at home support for children who have autism as wellas for their families who may not be financially able to provide their child with the services he orshe needs. In addition to the promise to continue providing this service, the Louisville Home ofthe Innocents is also an organization that guarantee’s 88 cents out of every dollar goes directly toenriching the programs that they have in place for the disadvantaged.

Be sure and bring your family out to the Big Ol’ Barbeque at the Home of the Innocents thisweekend August 25th from 5:30 to 8:30. There is going to be games, prizes, and some of the bestbarbeque in town you don’t want to miss it. Also, there is a chance to support one of the leadingnon-profits in the Louisville community. With discounts, food, games and desert auctions available,this is a Big Ol’ Barbeque that you just CANNOT and I mean CANNOT miss!

When: Saturday, August 25th from 5:30 to 8:30 pm

Where: In the Backyard at Home of the Innocents’ Joan E. Thomas, M.D. children’s village, 1100 EastMarket Street, Louisville, KY 40206

For whom: The Family

Cost: See for more details on discount eligibility and rates.

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