Choreographer’s Showcase at the Louisville Ballet Studio

The arts are a dying breed these days. Dedication to the winds and strings of music suffers greatly, as each year more schools shut their doors to orchestra, band, and chorus programs. Creative writing has become nearly unheard of in any class, English or otherwise. The practice of painting has been all but deserted, and the style and elegance of a perfectly synchronized dance has lost its audience to the simple routines of many music videos. For the avid art lover, where does one go to experience old school performances and galleries full of talent?

If you’d like to show your interest and support to the Louisville art scene, then attending a performance at the Louisville Ballet Studio might just be right up your alley. This month they are presenting new material to dazzle and delight, and this previously unseen work has been crafted by the very people who will be performing it. The talent and skill of these performers does not have an equal in the greater Louisville area, and their long standing favorites, such as The Nutcracker, have drawn loyal crowds year after year. They also bring in fresh material to attract new audiences, constantly putting on display a vast, ever changing assortment of choreography to keep the ball rolling.

Each new piece has been painstakingly fashioned, and demonstrates the beautiful devotion to detail that the Louisville Ballet is proudly known for by hundreds, if not thousands, of fans. It will astound you even more to know that these performances are only a first look at creations that may be further enhanced, adding to the amazement you will feel as you watch these dance routines in their infancy. Perhaps watching the hard work these performers put into their art, as well as the evident thrill they gain from it, may make you want to get involved in dance, or even return you to your own special interests in the world of art.

It’s $25 per ticket for non subscribers, $20 for subscribers, and space is limited. Make sure to get your tickets in advance so you don’t miss out on these brilliant performances. Louisville needs to support its art community, and the Louisville Ballet, with its amazing history and reputation for excellence, it a great place to start. Plan to spend an evening with some of Louisville’s most talented individuals, and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Where: 315 E. Main Street, Louisville, KY 40202

When: January 24 -26, with all performances starting at 8pm

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