Cocktail Competition at Rye

There’s something marvelously relaxing about a cool drink after a hard day at work. A bright mix of color and taste goes a long way in soothing those aching limbs. For many of us though, alcohol is not just a pastime or an indulgence, but an art. There are schools dedicated to the skill of mixing drinks and inventing new flavor combinations, making bartending a legitimate talent. If you’re looking for an exciting event to make you’re weekend (and a little something for your taste buds, too) then you might want to drop in at the cocktail competition that is being hosted by Rye this Sunday.

The First Annual Cocktail Competition in Louisville is taking place on East Market Street in the parking lot of Rye, and is being sponsored by Old Forester (fun fact: the founder of Old Forester, George Garvin Brown, was the first man to bottle Bourbon). Competing bartenders will have the chance to show off their creativity and knowledge of alcohol, as well as a presentation of their work, and of course, they will be judged on the taste of whatever concoction they come up with. These drinks will be based on three Kentucky favorites for bourbon themed cocktails: the Old Fashioned, the Seelbach, and the Mint Julep. Bartenders from some of Louisville’s most popular establishments will be attending, such as The Silver Dollar, Garage Bar, Doc Crow’s, and many others. You can visit to check out a complete list of all the competing bartenders.

The event will be held on Sunday, October 14th, starting at 3p.m. Admission is $10 and comes with one drink ticket, but with a Spirits Passport, you can join in on the fun for free! Simply present your passport (available at all of the participating restaurants and bars) and with the purchase of a specialty drink, you can earn a stamp. With five stamps you can get into the event for free, and it includes a free drink, too. Additional drink tickets can be purchased for $6 a piece, or you can get four drinks for $20.

Whether you’re a bourbon enthusiast, or you just have a passion for mixing drinks, this cocktail competition is a rare opportunity to share your love of the art of alcohol. Stop by and try out a unique creation by one of these talented bartenders!

Where: 900 East Market Street, in the parking lot of Rye

When: Sunday, October 14th at 3p.m.

For more info, please visit Louisville Houses for Sale.

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