Destination Degree - The Path To Success

Children and adults alike have different learning styles. They can usually be categorized as visual, auditory or tactile learning. Some learn best through one specific method. If you’re like me, you learn best through a combination of methods. It is important to identify which method is best for you and your children. As a parent, you want your child to learn as much as possible. The more knowledge they obtain at a young age, the more opportunity will be afforded to them later in life. I recently heard the following responses when young children were asked what they would like to be when they grow up: a rock star, doctor (like Doc McStuffins), fast food worker and a big kid, just like my Uncle. These responses accommodated beautiful artwork that the children had created to reflect their chosen career. Their pictures vividly expressed their hopes and goals for the future, even at the tender age of five.

TARC and 55,000 Degrees are partnering together to host the 15th annual Kids Design-a-Bus Contest. Not only will this get your child’s creative juices flowing, it will help them to start pondering a very important question: what does the path to success look like? This year’s theme for the contest is “Destination Degree – The Path to Success.” Students are encouraged to think about what the road to a college degree might look like, and to express a scene from that path visually through their artwork. TARC’s website offers several different ideas for artwork that are sure to jumpstart your child’s brainstorming. While higher education may not be on your child’s radar at such a young age, creating a visual representation of that idea may be just what they need to plant a seed. Drawing or painting a scene about the path to success could be the start of their college dream.

Children who are elementary or middle school students in Jefferson, Oldham, Bullitt, Floyd and Clark counties may submit entries. Artwork submitted must be on white paper that is 11x17. Children can use paint, markers or crayons to create their masterpieces. You can submit original artwork or a digital copy in either JPEG or PDF formatting. Judges will use the following criteria when judging: visual appeal, originality, creativity and the message presented. The deadline to submit your entry is February 28, 2014. Overall twelve winners will be selected and their artwork will be displayed on a TARC bus! For more information about TARC and the contest, visit TARC’s website.  For more information about 55,000 you can visit their website at

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