E-books: Publish, Promote, and Prosper at U of L's Shelby Campus

Writing is an interesting profession to get into. Millions of people all over the world write for varying reasons. Some do it for their own pleasure and self-expression while some look to make a career out of it. Either way, it's a subject that many are passionate about. When it comes to the business side of writing, things can get messy. There are a million things to consider when trying to get your writing out there. For instance, who do you send it to? How much of your writing do you have to send? What if they say no? With so many questions and factors to consider, it's no wonder that a good deal of great writers never let anyone but their friends read what they have to write.

On April 9th and 11th, a class called E-Books: Publish, Promote, and Prosper will be held at U of L's Shelby Campus. While the subject of publishing is still the cause of a million headaches, e-books have made the road to publishing a lot less difficult to travel. With several success stories for self-published e-book writers (last month, the book 'Wait for You' had hit the number one spot for e-book sales--the first time ever for a self-published author), getting your writing published--and read by millions-- finally seems like an attainable dream.

It only helps that the class will be taught by a woman who knows what she's talking about. Published author Peggy DeKay will be teaching students how best to self-publish and promote their writing. Having written a book specializing on the subject called Self-Publishing for Virgins, she's certainly a vaulable source on the subject. When it comes to writing, getting it out there is only half the battle--it takes just as much knowledge and determination to get your book the buzz it requires to actually be read. DeKay has seen plenty of success stories, so she knows the necessary steps it takes to get a writer's work read, talked about, and praised. Dekay claims that as long as you've written something worth reading, the rest of it is just a process, and one that she'll gladly walk you through.

E-books: Publish, Promote, and Prosper will be held on April 9th and 11th. On the 9th the class begins at 6:30--on the 11th, 8:30. To register, follow this link and save yourself a spot: http://louisville.edu/lifelonglearning/classes/arts. Who knows, maybe this is your first step to becoming a world-renown author!

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