Exploring the Waterways of Metro Louisville

There are so many beautiful features in Kentucky--there are so many, in fact, that it can be a real challenge to explore them all. Many Louisvillians know of all the cool places throughout the city to visit like restaurants and museums, but so many of us haven't gotten to see enough of our state's natural beauties. For example, how many of us have really gotten to see all of Kentucky's gorgeous waterways? Especially for those without a canoe, touring these sights can be difficult, but luckily the University of Louisville has you in mind.

The University of Louisville, as a part of their Lifelong Learning series, will be touring these waterways during 'Exploring the Waterways of Metro Louisville Fall 2013'. If you're unfamiliar with all of the streams and rivers in Jefferson County, that's okay--you'll be paddling through them all if you decide to join these classes and explore the waterways. Apparently, there are 790 miles' worth of streams and rivers, and you'll be seeing as much of it as you can with the rest of your class. These rivers and streams include Beargrass Creek, Harrods Creek, Salt River, Floyds Fork, and the big and beautiful Ohio River. During these tours, instructors will be informing students on the histories associated with these waterways as well as inspecting the water quality. If you're uninformed on these issues, it seems like 'Exploring the Waterways of Metro Louisville' will be a knowledge-packed crash course.

Also, did I mention it will be fun? You won't just be sitting in a classroom; you'll be paddling on a 15-person canoe and traversing the state's natural sights like the pioneers of the past. There's no need to be nervous either. The instructors for the class, Dr. David Wicks, Anne Littlebird, and Scott Workman, are all certified instructors for the American Canoe Association. In short, you'll definitely be in safe hands.

These classes/adventures will be taking place every Thursday between the dates of September 5th and October 10th. The class will be meeting at the Community Boat House on 129 E. River Road on the Waterfront. For more information including how to register, just visit the following link: http://louisville.edu/lifelonglearning/classes/recreation#class-149CPE?utm_source=louisvillecom&utm_medium=listing&utm_content=social+media+personal&utm_campaign=lifelong+learning+fall+2013. Just scroll halfway down the page for the 'Exploring the Waterways of Metro Louisville' section.

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