Food Truck Sunday at Frankfort Avenue

There are certain streets in Louisville that have a reputation for being packed with awesome restaurants and shopping spots. Bardstown Road in the Highlands, for example, is one long strip with tasty eateries and boutiques on either side. It's not uncommon to see Bardstown Road packed on a Friday night, the sidewalks jammed-packed with hungry folks looking for a bite to eat or eager shoppers. When it comes to the Clifton area of Louisville, the road with a similar reputation is Frankfort Avenue.

Much like Bardstown Road, Frankfort Avenue is a very hip place to be. The big draws to both Bardstown Road and Frankfort Avenue are the small businesses. Neither would be so popular if they were lined with big chain restaurants or mega malls. If you want to eat something special or pick up an outfit you can't find anywhere else, you should visit either Bardstown Road or Frankfort Avenue. Both are sure to be special experiences.

This month, Frankfort Avenue in particular will be hosting their Food Truck Sunday event on June 30th from 11 AM to 4. That means countless food trucks packed with foods from your favorite Frankfort Avenue restuarants and bakeries. The event is sure to draw in people from all over the city who are eager to try some dishes from the many one-of-a-kind restaurants in Clifton. When speaking of the most popular places to eat on Frankfort Avenue, there are a few hot spots you can't leave out. For ice cream, you need look no further than Comfy Cow--and if you're not in the mood for ice cream (I guess that's possible?), Comfy Cow is also known for their frozen chocolate-and-nut-covered bananas. Boombozz Pizza is another landmark on Frankfort Avenue. Ask anyone in Clifton where you can find delicious pizza, and they're sure to point you in the direction of Boombozz. As for cakes and pies, Sweet Surrender Dessert Cafe reigns surpreme. Located on 1804 Frankfort Avenue, you'll find yourself amazed by their extensive selection of cakes, pies, and homemade cheesecakes.

Food Truck Sunday is sure to highlight popular Frankfort Avenue eateries such as these. While the event is going on at St. Joe's Chidren's Home, located at 2823 Frankfort Avenue, go ahead and check out the shopping spots up and down the road. There are countless consignment shops, boutiques, bookstores, and galleries that are definitely worth visiting!

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