Forecastle Music Festival

One of the nation's biggest music festivals is held every year in Louisville, Kentucky. Pretty cool, right? While festivals like Bonaroo, Lollapolooza, and Coachella are held in major cities such as Chicago and Indio, California, the Forecastle Music Festival continues to bring thousands of music-lovers into the city of Louisville each year. When you think about it, though, why shouldn't a major music festival be held in Louisville? We have beautiful summer weather, a trendy city scene, and the lovely Waterfront Park serves as a perfect venue for a concert.

The Forecastle Music Festival will be taking place between July 12th and 14th. During this time, major names in music including The Black Keys, The Flaming Lips, Alabama Shakes, and Big Boi will be performing on the main stage at Waterfront Park. Different bands will be playing at different times, of course, so for a full schedule just visit the following link: Forecastle is all about musical diversity, so while at the festival you can expect to hear music ranging from hard rock to rap. No matter what you like, you can almost be guaranteed to hear something up your alley at Forecastle.

Since the Forescastle Festival is taking place over a number of days, the question of lodging is an important one to consider. If attendees are residents of Louisville, then the only matter of discussion is parking. There will be plenty of on-street parking as well as parking in the Galt House lot available for concert-goers. For out of towners, though, there are more things to keep in mind. If booking a hotel seems like too much of a hassle (and I'll admit, finding one may be difficult given Forecastle's massive popularity), camping is allowed at the KOA campgrounds located only three miles from Waterfront Park. Just pack up a tent, sleep at the campgrounds, and wake up bright and early for a morning walk to Waterfront Park.

Camelbak water stations will be located throughout the park during the festival, so you don't have to worry about staying hydrated. Forecastle asks that attendees leave food, drinks, pets, alcohol, and recording equipment at home. If The Forecastle Festival sounds interesting to you, check out the ticket packages located here: Whether you go for just one day or plan on attending the entire festival, Forecastle is sure to be a good time.

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