Free Yoga Classes at Mama's Hip

Raising a child is certainly no easy task, and most parents are willing to take all the help they can get. As most parents know, children are oftentimes infinite balls of energy, running around the house and the yard for hours on end. Making sure your child remains active is very important, though, not only for their growth but also for your own peace of mind. Sure, kids can be balls of energy, but they have to use up that energy at some point, and that's what gives them a restful night's sleep. In recent years, as Americans are becoming more health-concious, parents are starting to not only look more in depth at how they treat their own bodies but how they're raising their children to treat their own.

Yoga is a very beneficial practice for a number of reasons. Not only can yoga condition and tone your body, but it's also a very effective way to release stress and bring about restful sleep. You'll typically see adults doing yoga, but child-yoga is a new thing that's starting to gain popularity. It may seem silly for rambunctious kids to take part in such a "zen" activity, but kids are evidentially benefitting from it tremendously. That's why Mama's Hip, a natural parenting store and resource center in the Highlands, will be hosting several yoga classes for parents to participate in with their kids.

Are you skeptical about whether your child will actually enjoy or benefit from yoga? That's okay, because one of the best things about these yoga classes are that they are free. This way, there's really nothing to lose--if your kid doesn't go for it, then so be it. If it turns out that they love yoga, though, than you can enjoy these classes. The goal of these yoga classes are for parents and children to walk away knowing how to participate in a fifteen-minute routine at home, or wherever else they'd like to practice. Mama's Hip believes strongly that children can relieve stress and burn energy by practicing yoga, so why not visit one of their free yoga classes and see whether or not it can improve the life of your child?

The free yoga classes will be taking place at Mama's Hip on November 12th from 2 PM to 2:30 and November 13th from 10 AM to 10:30. Mama's Hip schedules many other classes throughout the week--if you'd like to see more of what they offer, just look at their website, linked here:

Mama's Hip can be found at 1559 Bardstown Road.

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