Friends of the Library Book Sale

Education is a very important subject in Louisville. With some of the top performing public schools in the country, we obviously value education and how it can shape children into happy, successful adults. When it comes to Louisville, as well as any other city, the public library can play a large role in a child's life. It's a well-known fact that regular reading can be connected to higher GPAs in school as well as a wider vocabulary. Reading also unleashes a child's imagination, and having an active imagination can be just as important as developing your vocabulary. In short, books play one of the biggest roles in a child's education, and the Louisville Public Library makes books accessible to everyone in the city.

Perhaps you didn't know, but there's an organization in Louisville called The Friends of the Louisville Free Public Library, which works toward spreading awareness as well as raising funds for enhanced library programs. This is a perfect organization for those passionate about reading. Through annual events, the Friends of the Louisville Public Library raise money for things like scholarships and outreach publications such as newsletters. One of the next events the Friends of the Louisville Public Library will be hosting is their Friends of the Library Book Sale on Friday, held from November 1st to the 3rd.

As you might've guessed, the Friends of the Library Book Sale is a little different than your average book sale. Book stores sometimes have sales on certain books, but very rarely do the prices dip down to two dollars or below. At the Friends of the Library Book Sale, two dollars is the absolute maximum. That's right, you won't be able to find anything for more than two dollars! For book lovers around the city, this is more than a good deal--it's a steal! All proceeds, of course, go back to the Friends of the Library, and the money will go toward more worthy causes like scholarships and outreach programs to Louisville's youth.

Only members of the Friends of the Louisville Public Library group can attend the book sale, but here's some good news--it's extremely easy to join. There will even be people stationed at the doors, ready with application forms incase you're interested. If you'd rather sign up ahead of time, you can do that too. The application form on the website is linked right here:

The Friends of the Library Book Sale will be held at the South Louisville Community Center, located at 2911 Taylor Boulevard.

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