Ghost Hunting 101 Class

As Halloween grows closer, people become more aware of all the spooky mysticism that surrounds the holiday. Suddenly, cemetaries and dark alleyways seem creepier--suddenly, the existence of outlandish ghouls and spirits seems more likely than not. Most people, including Louisvillians, don't think about goblins and monsters for most of the year. It's only in the weeks leading up to Halloween that people began to dwell on all the creepy creatures that may exist. This is especially true for ghosts. Whether or not ghosts truly exist--there's no definitive answer--people grow more thoughtful on the subject as the year's creepiest holiday draws near.

Whether you're a firm believer on the existence of ghosts or you'd like to explore the subject further, the Ghost Hunting 101 class at the University of Louisville's Shelby Campus may be for you. It sounds silly, but the subject will be taken very seriously, and the instructor, Carrie Galloway, will provide you will the tools to discern whether or not ghost hunting is a legitimate practice. With fifteen years experience hunting ghosts, Galloway certainly believes in it--maybe she can convince you as well.

So what will you be learning specifically at the Ghost Hunting 101 class? First and foremost, it has been stressed by the University of Louisville that no specific faith or religious beliefs will be purported during the five weeks this class is held (October 1st through the 29th). The possibility of ghosts existing will be discussed objectively--this will include considering theories, looking into the age of spiritualism, and discussing the possibility of a paranormal world. Since Galloway has been hunting ghosts for fifteen years--and because the class is called 'Ghost Hunting 101'--she will show students the tools she uses when investigating paranormal activity. After all this discussion and practice of ghost hunting, all students should leave Ghost Hunting 101 with an opinion on whether or not ghosts are real. If they are real, who knows, maybe you'll find a few this Halloween?

The University of Louisville's Shelby Campus can be found at 310 N Whittington Parkway. For more information on the class as well as other classes being offered at the University of Louisville's Shelby Campus this fall, just visit the following link for more information:

Happy ghost hunting--and happy Halloween!

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