Highview Holiday Fest

Something we all seem to miss during this time of the year is sharing the holiday spirit with each other. Not just with friends and family, but with our neighbors, our community. It’s easy to forget we all, literally, share common ground. As neighbors, we barely see one another between rushing out the door for work and dragging ourselves back in at the end of the day. But we depend on each other for support and protection, and looking out for each other like that should inspire us to make connections outside of a brief wave as we leave the house. Maybe you’re already looking for the chance to engage your community this Christmas, and if so, there’s an upcoming event you should know about.

 The Highview Business Association has provided an ample opportunity to enjoy the company of friends, family, and neighbors this season at the Central Government Center and Highview Park. This association is dedicated to attending the needs of new and existing businesses in order to help them grow and develop. They are a pillar of support for the business community of Highview, with an active involvement in proposed enhancements to your section of Louisville, and increasing awareness of the diverse business opportunities each member presents. They are strengthening the community one business at a time, and this Friday, they’re throwing a celebration to prove it!

 Highview Park will be decorated in scores of Christmas lights and mesmerizing decorations to capture your eye as you walk through the park. Or more likely, as you ride through the park in a horse drawn carriage. There will be lots of children’s activities to amuse the kids, and refreshments will be provided to keep your energy up for the tree decorating contest. Plus, there will be lots of musical entertainment, including Christmas caroling! The police and fire departments will have their own displays up, and Santa Claus will be there to collect food for the hungry, so make sure to bring a small donation.

 There will be a Highview Business showcase for anyone interested in joining the Highview Business Owners Association, which comes with great benefits and a network of other members to assist you in growing your business. And our businesses are an crucial part of our society here in Louisville. Let’s make Christmas a time for community, too. Getting to know your neighbors outside the picket fence is important, so join yours at the Highview Holiday Fest.

 Where: Central Government Center and Highview Park, 7201 Outer Loop, Louisville, KY 40291

 When: Friday, December 7th from 6pm to 8pm.

Nick Peskoe is a Louisville Real Estate Agent with the Nick Peskoe Real Estate Group. Find him at www.louisvillekyrealestate.co

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