How to Show Appreciation to Your Neighbors

Neighbors. We’ve all got them. Do your neighbors make you love your neighborhood even more, or wish you had never heard of it to begin with? If you’re feeling the love after reading that statement, then it’s time to share it with your neighbors!

One way to maintain a great relationship with your neighbors is to show your appreciation for them. Everyone loves to be encouraged, and having a great neighbor will go a long way! What can you do to say thank you?

One thing you can do is drop off a note expressing your gratitude. For the neighbor who goes the extra mile, include a gift card to their favorite restaurant. They’ll appreciate keeping their kitchen clean that evening! You could also deliver a small gift, like a flower that’s in season to sit on their front porch.

Looking for a more active approach? Lend a hand! Help neighbors with landscaping projects, such as removing leaves before the first snow arrives. Your elderly or widowed neighbor will appreciate your help removing snow from their sidewalk come winter.

Did you neighbor arrive home, only to appear to have bought out your local Kroger? They’ll be thankful when you offer to help carry groceries inside. For neighbors that are travelling, nothing says “I appreciate you” like keeping an extra watch on their house. Collecting their mail and trash bins while they’re out of town is also helpful! But remember to ask first.

Do you appreciate having good neighbors, but don’t really know them that well? One way to show your appreciation is by making sure your own home has great curb appeal. Your house effects those around you. Show the love by keeping the exterior of your home well maintained. Remove debris and unneeded miscellaneous items. Keep your landscaping trimmed and freshly mulched.

If you’d like to mingle with your neighbors, host a dinner party! Invite those who live closest to you for a night in during the winter months. On warmer nights, fire up the grill and fire pit for a night of mingling. A small party will show your appreciation and create an opportunity for introductions.

Feeling extra appreciative? Lead your home owners association or a small group of residents in executing a block party for your neighborhood. After all, everyone loves a good party!

Lastly, be friendly. A smiling face or a kind word will go a long way. Take a moment to pause while retrieving your mail. While your natural instinct may be to pull into the garage and never look back, a minute of kindness could cultivate a good relationship with your neighbor.

The most important thing is to remember to be the kind of neighbor that you want to have!

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