Kosair Children's Kickballin' for Kids Kickball Tournament

Doing something for a worthy cause is always a good idea. First of all, the events usually held to benefit either research funds or people in need are fun things like runs, black-tie galas, or bike rides. People love doing those things anyway, so why not do it while contributing to a good cause? Every year in Louisville, countless events are held that help raise thousands and thousands of dollars for things like cancer research or feeding the hungry. One of the more unique events being held in August is the Kosair Children's Hospital Kickballin' for Kids Kickball Tournament, which is sure to draw plenty of people and raise a good amount of money for the children's hospital.

Who doesn't have fond memories of playing kickball? It's a sport that is played in almost every elementary school, and almost everyone has memories of either sending balls flying over the field or being named the expert roller of their class. Why not relive these good times for a worthy cause? Just the thought of going out to your local park and playing a few rousing rounds of kickball seems like a good time, and at the Kosair Children's Hospital Kickballin' for Kids Kickball Tournament, you can remember those days at recess while helping raise money for such an important establishment.

The tournament isn't until the 17th of August, so that gives you plenty of time to practice beforehand and put together a dream team of skilled kickballers. Like so many events this season, the Kickballin' for Kids Kickball Tournament will be held on the Great Lawn at Waterfront Park in Downtown Louisville. While raising money is the main point, you can be sure that particpants will take the competition seriously and do their best to win the title. If you're interested in playing at the Kickballin' for Kids Kickball Tourament, there are a few rules you should know about. Firstly, all particpants must be at least 21 years old. Each team must have at least nine players; the maximum is twenty. Every team must also have a minimum of three females on each team. The fee for a team of players in $295 dollars. The individual fee is $35.

For more information for the Kosair Children's Kickballin' for Kids Kickball Tournament, just visit the following link: http://www.kosairchildrenshospital.com/kickballinforkids. Why not enjoy the favorite sport of your childhood while helping out kids in need?

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