La Bamba: Burritos As Big As Your Head

So you're cruising on Bardstown Rd in the Highlands one night, and suddenly your stomach starts growling like crazy! It's late so the rush is on for you to find some food or else you may lose it! You don't want McDonalds, you don't want Wendy's, Taco Bell or BW3's, just something light and fulfilling... Well instead of spending all night driving in circles, why not stop into famous burrito shop La Bamba, and grab yourself one of their much talked about ‘Burritos As Big As Your Head!’

The founders of the La Bamba restaurant chain are brothers Ramiro and Antonio Aguas. They started the chain because of their oft travels from Chicago to Champaign, Illinois to visit friends, and the lack of quality Mexican food in the Champaign community. By being out in the with their friends, they noticed that there was a late-night scene in the area, which would mean potential customers for a possible Mexican restaurant in the area. The two brothers then came to decision that they would bring this restaurant to life and in 1987 the first La Bamba store would open in a small space of just 900 square feet that held two tables and 8 stools directly across the street from the University of Illinois campus.

As word began to get around campus about the delicious La Bamba the "burritos as big as your head" slogan came to life. One patron claimed that her burrito was "as big as her head" and the two Aguas brothers decided to run with it. Six months opening, La Bamba expanded to a 3,000 square foot restaurant providing more customers with eat in space, as well as being able to house their long lines which extended into the street at their previous location.

La Bamba would go on to open more stores in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Kentucky and Ohio. During its younger years the emphasis was on placing the stores in college towns, however the current plan is to put them in larger cities so that their brand will grow. Despite this slight marketing change the Aguas brothers still run most of their 20+ stores and have no plans of franchising the chain any time soon.

While focusing on using the original recipe and a few rules like: no fryers, freeze dried ingredients, fats or additives, including the freshest of ingredients, La Bamba is sure to be around for many years to come, especially since many people have shifted towards a more health conscious diet. In Louisville there are many authentic Mexican restaurants to choose from, but La Bamba is by far the best, especially if you're looking to get a satisfying meal for cheap. Also, as an added bonus, La Bamba is open until 4am most nights and best of all…the works are still friendly this late as well!

So if you're looking for a nice meal on the late night, something quick on the go, or just want to take the family out for a nice meal in the Highlands, this is the place to go. But be careful...

The burritos really are as big as your head!

When: Anytime before 3am Sunday through Wednesday & 4am Thursday through Saturday.

Where: 1237 Bardstown Rd.
Louisville, KY 40204
(Right next to McDonalds)

For whom: Anyone

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