Ladies Leisure Days at Westport Village

Fall is an exciting time. Whether you're a student going back to school, a parent preparing their child for the next year, or just someone who enjoys watching the leaves change colors, the end of summer and the beginning of fall is a significant time in the year for most everyone. For parents, the beginning of the school year can be a bittersweet time. It's sad that you'll be seeing less of your children, but you know that they're off learning important things at school--plus there is the added bonus of not having to be responsible for them around the clock. Celebrating the start of the school year with other mothers who've just sent their kids off is what Ladies Leisure Days at Westport Village is all about.

While the idea alone of setting aside a couple of days for mothers to shop at Westport Village is a good one, the shopping center has done a lot more to make Ladies Leisure Days more exciting. From August 26th to the 28th, shops all over Westport Village will be boasting huge sales, and all anyone has to do to take advantage of them is show up to one of these shops during these days. To keep in trend with the leisurely theme, the shops in the village taking part in the event are the ones that ladies looking to relax would love to hit up. For example, what sounds more relaxing than a massage? Well, if you go to Elements Salon in the Village on any of the Ladies Leisure Days, you can get twenty dollars off of a massage. You know what else sounds relaxing for a lot of mothers? A glass of wine. At Westport Whiskey and Wine during the Ladies Leisure Days event, you can get 15% off bottles of wine. For Ladies Leisure Days, Westport Village really wants people to celebrate the beginning of fall with a leisurely day of shopping and much-deserved relaxation.

So, which shops in Westport Village will be participating in the sale? The clothing shops Apricot Lane, Boutique Serendipity, and Shirt, Ties, and Links will be offering pretty substantial sales. You can also find discounted jewelry at Clater Jewelers, cheap pizza at Boombozz, and even flowers for sale at the new Oberer's Flowers location. I'm sure that a day filled with pizza, wine, clothes, and flowers sounds appealing for a great number of people throughout the city of Louisville--all of whom can take advantage of the Ladies Leisure Days at westport Village. For more details about the sales, just visit the Village's event page, linked here:

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