Laser Tag in Louisville

Childhood for many of us was a constant race against siblings and friends, as well as a race against the odds. Racing down the street, racing to find the treasure, racing to save the princess. It was also a test of strength in many ways, as we battled each other with balloons and dart guns to see who would be king of the mountain, or at least king of the tree house. It was an exhilarating experience to push yourself to the limit. Most of us look back on those time with nostalgia and even longing, remembering with fondness the thrill of the childhood chase. Sometimes, when the stress of a terrible week has started to get to you, it’s comforting to think of the adventures of youth, and at Lazer Blaze, going on such an adventure is not as impossible as it seems.

This laser tag facility is perfect for your inner child, and for the children themselves! It features a huge arena full of twists and turns to keep you on your toes (and to lead your enemies astray). From the second level, you can shoot at the players on the ground from balconies and hidden glass panels in the floor. If you remain on the first level, you’ll have a labyrinth of corridors and secret passages to conceal you from the opposing team. There’s also an observation deck available to those not currently in the arena, so you can head up there and scope out the terrain before you enter the game. Pick out a vest with your favorite code name (everything from Xena to Neo!) and form a team, or just go solo and take out as many as you possibly can to get the highest score.

There are other great attractions for you to enjoy at Lazer Blaze. Perhaps Cosmic Golf is a bit more your style. This course is one of only a handful of blacklit mini golf courses that stay open year round, so make sure to travel the alien world awaiting you on this 9 hole playing field. The arcade is full of some of the most well loved games in Louisville, including Guitar Hero and Deal Or No Deal. You can also play for tickets and redeem them for prizes at the ticket counter. You can take a stroll through the ILTA Museum of Laser Tag, featuring a history of origins concerning laser tag and where it’s gone over time, or you can try to make it past the laser beams in Laser Frenzy, their newest attraction!

If you find that all these adventures stir up an appetite, you can grab a bite at First Contact Café, which offers a wide variety of foods to meet your cravings. And don’t forget to check out their website ( ) to look over their rates on group events, corporate events, and birthday parties. The best time to head over is on Maniac Mondays, when all laser tag games are just $5 per person per game, so prepare to race into the arena and treat your inner child!

Where: Lazer Blaze, 4121 Shelbyville Rd, Louisville, KY 40207

When: Mon., Wed., and Thu. - 4pm - 9pm. Fri. - 4pm - 12 am. Sat. -10am - 12 am. Sun. - noon - 7 pm. Tue. - closed.

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