Leatherhead on Bardstown Road

A number of small businesses in Louisville have established an almost cult-like status for offering quality products. First of all, it's pretty well-known that Louisvillians love small business, and many people go out of their way to support small businesses over common big chain stores. Secondly, whether it be food or retail products, if a place offers something of quality, it's appreciated. Word really does spread quickly if something is excellent. One of the small businesses that's infamous in this city is Leatherhead, located on Bardstown Road in the Highlands area of Louisville.

Why is Leatherhead so popular? Well, like I said earlier, offering quality products has something to do with it. Also, can you think of any other place in the city that specializes so heavily in leather garments and leather care products? When people think of leather, they think of Leatherhead. The store has been around for thirty-three years--that's thirty-three years of word being spread about their top-of-the-line products. No wonder they do so well. If you're looking for anything leather, whether it be bags, belts, biker gear, boots, wallets, or whatever else you can think of, you're almost sure to find it at Leatherhead. They specialize in leather care as well. Have some leather that's starting to fade or lose its luster? Just show it to owner Nick Boone, and he'll give you his personal recommendation. Boone is certainly a leather genius, and if you ever stop in the store with a question or two, he'll definitely grace you some of his expert advice.

Another reason Leatherhead is so well-known is because the store was once featured on the Oprah show! During her 'favorite things' segment, she asked celebrity guest, actor Orlando Bloom, where his favorite place to shop was. Out of every shop in every country in the world, he picked Leatherhead in Louisville, KY. That lends pretty well to it's reputation, don't you think? Bloom and owner Boone gave the cameras a tour of the store, and people all over the country got a good look at one of the coolest places to shop in Louisville.

Leatherhead is located at 1601 Bardstown Road. The store is opened Monday through Saturday--for specific hours, just click the following link: http://www.theleatherhead.com/hours.html. Pop in sometime soon and see why Leatherhead has gained such a devoted following in Louisville.

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