Local Candy Stores

If you’re in mid-search for the perfect chocolate Easter bunny, look no further. There are several local candy stores in Kentuckiana that can easily help you fill your Easter basket. And let me remind you, Easter baskets aren’t just for children. Consider making an Easter basket for your significant other! A basket full of gourmet chocolates and local regional traditions like the madjeska or a bourbon ball are sure to light up everyone’s faces on Easter morning. And don’t worry, it’s okay to get a little something for yourself! We won’t tell.

Dundee Candy Shop

This shop is known for its European chocolates and candies. At Dundee Candy Shop you can find a variety of sweets. Bourbon balls, modjeskas, truffles, cordials, and gourmet chocolates fill the displays. There is a selection of sugar free and low carb candies as well. The shop also sells hard candies, licorice, nuts and seasonal candies.

You can purchase Dundee candies to enjoy yourself or to share as a gift. Current seasonal items include solid chocolate rabbits, ranging $3.00 for a 2.5 oz. to $9.00 for a 9 oz. rabbit. Chocolate crosses and eggs are also available, along with wrapped candies or loose candies for your candy jar. A pre-filled Dundee Candy Easter basket can also be purchased, ranging from $30.00 to $50.00.

Dundee can provide candies for party favors, gift baskets or corporate gifts. Their wedding favors are sure to sweeten your wedding. If you’re in search for Shipping and delivery can be arranged. Irma Issler opened the Dundee Candy Shop in 1946. A native of Germany, Irma’s chocolates soon became known across Louisville. The shop is now owned by Maria Moore and is located at 2122 Bardstown Rd. Visit Dundee Candy to learn more about this Highland favorite.


When I hear the word Muth’s, I automatically think of their modjeskas. Created in Louisville, this candy is a soft marshmallow center covered in a butter creamed caramel. If you’ve never had one, you definitely want to stop in and try one. Don’t settle just one, buy a small bag or splurge and buy a box starting at $10.50.

Muth’s has a fully selection of candies to purchase. Whether your favorite is the bourbon ball, caramels, taffy or chocolates, you’ll find it behind the counter. They offer a great selection of sugar free candies to enjoy. Fresh dipped malt balls, peanuts and jordan almonds are always on hand. A 2.0 oz. chocolate bunny is $2.40, while a 4.0 oz. chocolate bunny is $3.75. Larger chocolate bunnies and personalized chocolate Easter eggs are available for purchase as well.

Remember Muth’s for your Derby Party, as they have a great selection of Derby themed chocolates that will be a great party favor! Derby jackpot pulls, chocolate horse heads and horseshoes and fleur-de-lis will be a great addition to your party. Make sure to purchase “the Best of Louisville KY,” a large chocolate horseshoe topped off with a bourbon ball and madjeska. Muth’s has been a Louisville tradition since 1921. Visit Muth’s in NuLu at 630 East Market St.

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