Louisville Science Center

For anyone who grew up in Louisville, you know that's hard to go through elemenary and middle schools without visiting the Louisville Science Center. In fact, it's the number one destination for field trips in the city. Students still visit places like the Kentucky Center for the Arts and the Slugger Museum, but the Science Center reigns as number one. Why? What's so great about the Louisville Science Center, and why do teachers keep bringing their students back year after year?

In short, the reason why the Louisville Science Center reigns surpreme is because it is fun and educational. It's so fun that children often don't even realize how much they're learning. There are cool exhibits in the museum where kids can dig up fossils--and they have no idea they're learning so much about archeology and dinosaurs. The same goes for the exhibits about the human body. Kids can touch squishy models without realizing they're learning about the nervous or digestive systems. One of the most popular parts of the museum is the bubble display, where students can stand in the center of an enormous bubble and learn about the anatomy of bubbles. When kids have fun while learning, it's not a daunting task, and they love to do it.

The Louisville Science Center is also known for its huge IMAX theater. If you've ever been, you know how massive it is. when you go to see a film at the IMAX theater at the Louisville Science Center, you take a seat in the auditorium, lean back, and watch the ceiling. The screen stretches across the entire domed roof of the theater. The IMAX theater at the Science Center shows educational movies about animals, the Earth, or the human body. This month, films like "Flight of the Butterflies" and "Born to be Wild" will be shown at the IMAX theater. For the full schedule of educational films being shown through the month of June, just visit the following link: http://www.kysciencecenter.org/site/imax-article/may-20---june-30-2013.html.

While the Louisville Science Center is the number one field trip spot in the city, countless parents happily take their children to the Science Center every year. Finding a place where kids love to learn is difficult, but hopefully the Louisville Science Center will always be around to fill that role. The Louisville Science Center is located at 727 West Main Street in Downtown Louisville and is opened from Monday through Friday.

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