Louisville's Original 'The Comfy Cow'

Fall is unfortunately drawing to a close, and with it goes some of the last traces of summer, too. Long walks in the park, driving with the top down, and those relaxing family barbeques. It’s also the last time that a handful of ice cream specialty shops will be open until the spring. No more walking to the corner ice cream stand in a light jacket and grabbing some soft serve. If you have a craving for a chocolate cone sometime during Christmas, the best you can usually do is some store-bought hard ice cream and those flimsy comes that taste like (and have the same texture as) cardboard.

 Though it may sound crazy, some of us still want ice cream even in the middle of winter, and lucky for us, The Comfy Cow is a thing. A very popular thing, too, as each night this little ice cream parlor does some serious business. And why shouldn’t it? A comforting and friendly atmosphere greets you at the door, and a wide range of flavors will inevitably draw you to the counter. There’s always the classics, like chocolate and vanilla, and a few well known, up-and-coming flavors like mint chocolate and cookie dough. But it’s the unique flavors like Georgia butter pecan and dulce de leche de salte that keep people coming back for seconds (as well as thirds, fourths, and fifths).

 Another awesome feature about this quant Louisville business is that they actually do catering. Call them in for birthday parties, graduations, and bar mitzvahs to add to the sweetness of any of these events! Or get one of their popular To-Go Bags, which comes complete with 8 quarts of their signature flavors, 40 cups and spoons, plenty of napkins, and a personalized Comfy Cow ice cream scoop. Here are the times and locations of The Comfy Cow stores here in Louisville:

 Westport Village

 Sunday - Thursday: 11am to 10pm

 Friday and Saturday: 11am to 11pm

 Cardinal Towne at UofL

 Sunday - Saturday: 12pm to 11pm

 Frankfort Ave. in Clifton

 Sunday - Thursday: 11am to 10pm

 Friday and Saturday: 11am to 10pm

 Visiting The Comfy Cow just became better than ever, as they now offer a rewards program with SpotOn. This card allows you to rack up some credit every time you stop and pick up a pint, so make sure to sign up next time you’re getting a few bonbons after a long day at work. The best part is that the SpotOn card is not only accepted at The Comfy Cow, but many other businesses as well, such as Edible Creations, Bearno’s Pizza, Main Street Café, and lots of other locations. You can visit www.spoton.com to find a list of participating establishments in your area.

 Fall may be fading, but your favorite cravings don’t have to go with it. Stop by The Comfy Cow whenever the urge for a banana split strikes you, and enjoy a little cup of sunshine even during the darker days of winter.

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