Mark's Feed Store

Louisville is lucky enough to have a number of restaurants that no other city has. It adds to the small business-loving reputation that the city has--not only do we love to shop at special places, but we love to eat at them too. This is not to say that eating at Applebee's or Panera Bread are bad experiences, but there's something inherently "Louisville" about grabbing dinner at a place like the Old Spaghetti Factory or Ramsi's Cafe on the World. One of Louisville's most beloved restaurants is Mark's Feed store, a southern barbecue joint that's been in the city since the 1980's.

A good number of Louisvillians don't even know that Mark's Feed Store is a Louisville-only restaurant. They assume that since there are locations all over the city, it must be a nationwide thing. In reality, Mark's Feed Store can contribute its multiple locations in Louisville to their delicious food. The restaurant has been so successful that it needed a location in almost every major area of the city to accomodate all the enthusiastic diners. It's true--no matter where you live in Louisville, there should be a Mark's not too far from you. There's the brick building in the heart of the Highlands, a newer location in Fern Creek, and the old barn-like restaurants on Dixie Highway and in Middletown. That many locations means that Mark's has been very successful, and you only need to visit once to understand that success.

When you say 'barbecue', Mark's Feed Store is the first thought that pops to mind for many Louisvillians. Mark's sticks to the old way of doing things--and when it comes to barbecue, the old way is usually the best way. Mark's website, which offers more insight into the history of the restaurant, states that they use "the finest quality pork, beef, and chicken, which is slowly smoked using real hickory wood, then lightly topped with our signature barbecue sauces." You can taste the time that went into cooking the meat--each plate has a smoky, rich taste. Don't forget about the sauce either; Mark's is just as famous for their sauces as they are for their cooking. Every table at every Mark's Feed Store location has three bottles on display--the original sauce, the hot barbecue sauce, and the 'red' sauce, which has a honey tang. Every visitor to Mark's has a favorite.

If you've been to Mark's, you understand why the restaurant has gained such a following in the city of Louisville. If you haven't, discovering why isn't a difficult task. In fact, it's a tasty one. All you have to do is visit one of Mark's several locations. For more information on the restaurant including locations and hours, just visit the website, linked here:

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