Maximize the Space in your Tiny Bedroom

Having a tiny bedroom should not hinder you from putting all the things you love in your own space.  All it needs is a few taps on your creative side of the brain and you will come up with ideas of how you can maximize that little space of your bedroom.

Floaties! Install a floating nightstand. You can use the space below for more storage. Ditch your night lamp and replace it with a wall lamp, that way you will have more space on top of your floating nightstand.

Small rooms may make you feel stuffy. Add potted plants in your room,  aside from making your room look airy fresh, plants have natural air filters which will cleanse the air you breath in that small space.

In a small room, you’ll want to have as much storage space as possible. Your headboard can be converted into a hidden storage. You may put your stuff there, most preferably stuff that you don’t usually use every day.

Maximize under the bed and hide it. You may use under bed storage boxes or have a customized storage bed. You can simply cover it with your bed skirt to keep it hidden.  Plus factor is you won’t have to worry of monsters lurking under your bed, they don’t have a space where they could squeeze in!

Organize your dresser according to the season. Since it is winter, you won’t be needing those summer clothes and bathing suites. Pack them away neatly in a vacuumed bag to make it smaller and keep it somewhere else in the house where there is more space. You can simply take them out again when the summer season is back.

If you have a small bedroom, everything should be downsized except for the bed. Look for pieces that offer multi-storage options. The back of your door may be used as a place where you can hang your trinkets. Install hooks at the back of your door and it’s a great place where you can hang your scarves, necklaces, arm bands, hair ties and anything that can fit there.

Put those overhead spaces and niches into good use.  Fill those overhead spaces with storage boxes; just make sure that the things that you keep in those storage boxes that you don’t usually use. It will be a hassle if you have to climb and open those boxes daily.  The niches can be used for smaller things, like family treasures and knickknacks. 

Make use of every space in your room, if for instance a part of your room has a really low ceiling, you may put a small couch there and make it your own personal corner. Make it look cozy and comfortable by putting throw pillows and a lamp.

If you have a closet with long hanging bar and shelves, you may still use the space under the hanging bar especially of the clothes that you hang there aren’t too long. Place more storage boxes or baskets on that space and that could be useful for your undergarments and socks.

These are just some of tips that you can do for your small bedroom. You may try other things that you think can help you save space. Just look around your room for an empty space and you’ll be surprised at how many ideas you suddenly have to make that lonely space into a useful one.

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