Nanz and Kraft Florists

There are a few places one thinks of when looking for specific items. Businesses that have been around in Louisville for a long time often become synonomous in peoples' minds with whatever product they're known for selling. For example, if you say 'school uniforms', people in Louisville will automatically think of Shaheen's. If you say 'ice cream', people will point you in the direction of either the Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen or Comfy Cow. If you're in Louisville and you're shopping for flowers, chances are someone will gladly tell you to check out Nanz and Kraft Florists.

It's easy to see why Nanz and Kraft has left such an impression on the people of Louisville--the business has been around since 1850! For new places, it takes a good number of years to build up a reputation in a city, but Nanz and Kraft has been building its solid foundation for over 150 years. The business has passed down through several generations, and along with loving small businesses, the people of Louisville go gaga over family-owned small businesses. Family-owned small businesses add a lot to the culture of a city, as evidenced by the glowing repuation that Nanz and Kraft Florists has in Louisville.

Just visit one of Nanz and Kraft's three locations to see why the business is such a big deal. Whether you visit their Breckinridge Lane, Brownsboro Road, or Dixie Highway locations, you'll see a huge array of beautiful arrangments to choose from. For many in the city, it's the answer to every holiday. Valentine's Day? Nanz and Kraft. Mother's Day? Nanz and Kraft. The florists there arrange so many beautiful bouqets for each holiday, so they make shopping for a loved one so very easy. I could go on about the number of roses, lillies, tuplips, and daisies that you could find at your local Nanz and Kraft location, but really you just need to go and look. No amount of words and description can accurately potray just how many beautiful options you can find there.

Each of Nanz and Kraft's three locations are opened seven days a week. For store hours as well as more information about Louisville's favorite florists, just visit the following link: As stated earlier, Nanz and Kraft has a location at 141 Breckinridge Lane, one at 2415 Lime Kiln Lane, and lastly one at 4450 Dixie Highway.

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