New Voices: Young Playwrights Festival

Going to the theatre and enjoying a night out is a popular thing to do in the city of Louisville. Lucky for us, we've got two excellent theatres--The famed Actors Theatre of Louisville and the Kentucky Center for the Arts. Usually when planning a night out, one knows exactly what they're going to see; whether it's Grease, Wicked, or the Phantom of the Opera, even if we've never seen it before, theatre-goers know the main gist of the plot. What if I were to tell you that you could go to the Actor's Theatre and be completely surprised by what you saw? What if I were to also tell you that the plays you saw were written by Louisville's best and brightest high school students?

The Actor's Theatre of Louisville will be hosting the New Voices: Young Playwrights Festival on April 22nd and 23rd. Before you write it off as child's play, it's important to know the process these highschoolers go through before their ten-minute play is chosen to be performed. Thousands of short plays are submitted by teens from all over the state of Kentucky. From this enormous pile, Actor's Theatre representatives narrow the list down to ten of the very best. When looking for what ten-minute plays to choose, the judges are looking for creativity, humor, drama, and an original, new voice. Once the plays have been chosen, real actors rehearse and perform them on nights of the festival. For the teens involved, it can shape up to be one of the most rewarding experiences of their life. Not every sixteen-year-old gets to see something they wrote come to life on the stage.

From years past, the New Voices Festival is trusted to showcase hilarious and emotional writing from Louisville's up-and-coming playwrights. With ten different ten-minute plays, attendees can expect to be surprised by what the playwrights have written. The plots can go all over the map, from straightforward drama to even a musical number or two. The only thing that can be guaranteed is that you'll have no idea what's coming up next--and that's half the fun.

The event is free, but tickets still need to be reserved. If interested, you can call the Actor's Theatre at (502) 584-1205 and tell them you'd like a ticket for either the 22nd of April or the 23rd. The festival will begin at 7:00 PM on both nights. The Actor's Theatre of Louisville is located on 316 West Main Street in Downtown Louisville.

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