OH Valley Military Society’s 22nd Annual Show of Shows

Chances are you know someone in your sphere of influence that has served our country by fighting in a war. We are thankful for our veterans and current servicemen, and appreciate their service to our country. The OH Valley Military Society formed in 1965 to provide a venue where veterans and military collectors could meet, trade and purchase artifacts. What started as a small group in the heart of Louisville has grown into a leader for all similar groups formed after. The OH Valley Military Society is known to be one of the largest military collector’s clubs in the world. It is also one of the oldest clubs.

The OH Valley Military Society’s mission has been to promote the discussion and collection of historical military artifacts. Three times a year they host exhibits at the Show of Shows to provide an educational environment regarding military artifacts and memorabilia. Attendees have the opportunity to buy, sell and trade items at the show. The club reaches an international audience, with members and attendees coming from as far away as England, Germany, Holland, Austria, Japan and Canada.

The upcoming Show of Shows will feature over 1,965 tables of displays and exhibits. If you’re looking to start a military artifact collection, this is the place you want to start. Exhibitors will offer a wealth of knowledge regarding collecting and specific pieces. Items displayed will include medals, decorations, documents and books. Military and antique firearms, edged weapons, uniforms and insignia, helmets and head gear will be available to view. Both members and the public are welcome to purchase or trade items throughout the show.

Veteran guests will be available for you to meet during the Show of Shows. Cpl. Ron Rosser of the U.S. Army is a Korean War Medal of Honor recipient. Don Jenkins of the U.S. Army is a Vietnam War Medal of Honor recipient. Dick Cole, a Co-Pilot in the WWII Doolittle Raiders will be a guest. George Klien, 2nd Ranger Co F, Pointe Du Hoc, is a D-Day veteran of WWII and will be available to speak with. Herb Suerth, 506 PIR, Easy Co 101 A/B Division is a D-Day and WWII Band of Brothers veteran. Cpl. Ted Paluch of the U.S. Army is a Malmedy Survivor of WWII. Russell Gackenbach was a member of the Atomic bomb mission in WWII. Hershel “Woody” Williams is a USMC Medal of Honor recipient in WWII. Bob Bearden, 507 PIR, 82nd A/B F Co D-Day, WWII and Jim “Pee Wee” Martin 507 PIR, 101st A/B G Co D-Day, WWII will be present to speak with visitors. Edgar Harrell of the USMC will recount what it is like to be a survivor of the USS Indianapolis’ sinking. Additional veteran guests will be present as well. Make sure you speak with these veterans to show your appreciation. The Show of Shows allows us to remember our history and thankfully remember the sacrifice and faithful service of our veterans and current soldiers.

The OH Valley Military Society’s Show of Shows takes place February 27th through March 1st at the KY Expo Center. February 27th is only open for members, but you can purchase a membership at the door. Hours run February 27th 12:30 – 6:00 p.m., February 28th 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. and March 1st 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Parking is $8.00 per vehicle. Tickets are $10.00 for adults, children 18 and under are free with an adult. Purchase a weekend ticket valid Friday and Saturday for $18.00. Visit the OH Valley Military Society website to learn more about this special club and event.

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