'Old Fashioned Christmas' at Cooking at the Cottage

Food is an integral part of the holidays. Whether it's a big, moist turkey on Thanksgiving or a roast ham on Christmas, our perception of these holidays are heavily dependent on what we eat during them. Prepping a Thanksgiving meal for the entire family takes a huge amount of time and preparation. Plus, everybody has their favorites. Chances are that your Thanksgiving dinner table is lined with stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, and, of course, the centerpiece--the turkey. Christmas is the same. There are the Christmas foods we love to eat, and every year either ourselves or our loved ones take the time to prepare it.

While all the savory foods are an important part of the holidays, what about the sweets? They play a huge role as well. In particular, how big of a deal are Christmas cookies? A tall glass of milk and a plate of Christmas cookies are what bring Santa down the chimney every year, after all. Because of this--as well as wanting to impress your family--making the most delicious Christmas cookies possible is certainly a goal worth shooting for. If you're interested in learning all the skills necessary to blow your family and Santa away, perhaps you should consider attending the "Old Fashioned Christmas" class at Cooking at the Cottage.

Cooking at the Cottage, a retail store that specializes in cookware and bakeware, also offers a number of classes throughout the year. On November 23rd, anyone who's interested can visit Cooking at the Cottage and partake in a hands-on class focused on teaching you the basics. These include instructions on how to make a perfectly-shaped cookie, how to ice a cookie, and a number of other useful baking tips. The instructor will also share with students some of her coveted recipes, including the one for a perfect sugar cookie.

If you are interested in learning some of these master skills, you should probably register for the class right away. There are only a limited number of seats left, and they're sure to go fast. In fact, there was another class scheduled for December, but it has already sold out. The November 23rd class is the only other one this year, so if you are interested, you should probably go ahead and save yourself a spot! For Cooking at the Cottage's website, just click on the following link: https://www.cookingatthecottage.com/cart/home.php.

Cooking at the Cottage can be found at 3739 Lexington Road.

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