Olmstead Parks Champion Volunteer Project

The beauty of nature is something no outdoor enthusiast can ever get enough of, and the range of that beauty is infinite. Oceans and glaciers, coral reefs, mountain ranges, the endless plains. You could travel the world a million times over and never see all the lovely facets of the earth. It’s no crime to want to experience nature up close, especially in the park, where you can take invigorating walks along popular trails or bird watch in wooded areas. Unfortunately, our eagerness can sometimes cause a little wear and tear to our beloved environment. 

Luckily, the Olmsted Parks Champion Volunteer Project is putting forth every effort to restore our parks to their natural beauty. Louisville’s Frederick Law Olmsted Parks is supported by the Olmsted Parks Conservancy, a non profit organization that strives to rebuild and maintain the parks designed by Frederick Law Olmsted in the early 20th century. For many years, Louisville’s parks were subject to neglect, destruction from damaging weather, and construction, leaving the parks in terrible shape. In 1989, the Olmstead Parks Conservancy began restoring parks all across Louisville, working diligently to preserve historic structures and natural environments for the enrichment of the city. 

Throughout the month of January, you can be a part of their tireless endeavor. The Olmsted Parks Champion Volunteer Project is asking for as many people as possible to assist them in rebuilding some of the precious habitats of Seneca and Iroquois Parks. Come out and help them return native plants to the ground, which will improve air and water quality in the parks, as well as biodiversity. You’ll also get the chance to weed out intrusive plants that have overrun the natural vegetation, and help restore many of the old trails to their former glory. You might even get to lend a hand in rebuilding some permanent structures of the parks. 

Everything will be provided for your adventure: tools, gloves, support, and even refreshments! The only thing you have to bring is yourself, and of course, the proper attire for such outdoor activities. The Olmsted Parks Conservancy is trying to maintain our wonderful parks, not just for us, but for future generations. Don’t let the beauty of nature fade within our city. Layer up the clothes and grab the snow boots, because the parks of Louisville need your help today! 

For a complete list of times and places, as well as registration, please visit http://www.olmstedparks.org/events/.

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