Playthings Toy Shoppe's Calico Critter Fun Day

Each of us had a favorite toy growing up. Whether we held fashion shows for our Barbies or created collosal cityscapes with our Legos, our favorite toy entertained us for hours and made up a huge part of our childhood. Nowadays there are so many popular toys with little fans who love nothing more than getting their hands on them. One of the most popular toy brands out there today is the Calico Critters line, and it's easy to see why--it's so adorable. Kids can collect little critter families (labradors, cats, elephants, and porcupines to name just a few) to play with in their big, Calico Critter homes. The line also puts out furniture to fill the house with as well as add-ons like convertibles, ice cream trucks, and cafes.

Why am I telling you so much about Calico Critters? Well, the popular toy brand is having an event at the local toy store, Playthings Toy Shoppe! If you have a child that's in love with Calico Critters, September 14th would be an excellent day to head over to Playthings because all Calico Critter items will be twenty percent off. These discounts will be honored at both Playthings locations--the one on Shelbyville Road and the one in Westport Village. For the full Calico Critter experience, though, you may prefer to head over to the Westport Village location of Playthings Toy Shoppe. There, your child can meet Bell Hopscotch Rabbit, the mascot for Calico Critters. Also, while you're at the Westport Village location, go ahead and enter a drawing for the Calico Critter Luxury Town Home. This huge Calico Critter home will definitely suffice for all your child's critters and furniture, and there's no better price than free!

The St. Matthews location, located at 4209 Shelbyville Road, will be open from 10 AM to 5 on September 14th. The Westport Village location--placed at the center of the village near Wild Eggs and Heine Brothers--will be open from 10 AM to 6. Pop into either one on that Saturday and take advantage of these discounts on your child's favorite toys! For more information on Calico Critter products, just visit their website, linked here: If there's one critter family or add-on that you want, just call Playthings at (502) 895-6152 and see if they have it before you head over. The staff will be happy to look for you.

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