Plehn's Bakery

When it comes to specially-made cakes, there's no name better known in Louisville than Plehn's Bakery. Located in the St. Matthews area of Louisville, it certainly aids in St. Matthews' reputation for being an area that loves small business. There are plenty of small, independent businesses in St. Matthews, but none are quite like Plehn's.

Why is Plehn's so great? Well, one of the greatest testaments to the quality of Plehn's baked goods in how long the bakery has been around. Plehn's Bakery has been in Louisville since 1924--that's a whopping eighty-nine years! Businesses don't just happen to stick around for that long. Kuno Plehn opened Plehn's in 1924, and since then he's passed it down to several Plehn family members. Louisvillians know where to go when they need a wedding cake or a personalized birthday cake (or anything sweet, really), and that's Plehn's. The business has built themselves a solid reputation in Louisville for so many years, and it's easy to see why.

Plehn's specializes in custom cakes, and that includes the wedding cake. With a huge list of expected--and unexpected--flavors, customers can enjoy almost anything they could think of. Flavors available for cake include yellow, marble, strawberry, lemon, orange, spice, red velvet and almond, just to name a few. Cakes can also be filled with flavors such as raspberry, lemon, or orange. Their thick, buttercream icing is something that has to be experienced, too. Engaged couples throughout Louisville have gone to Plehn's for their wedding cake because they know they're going to get a quality, beautiful cake. There are other places in Louisville that make yummy cakes, but none can artfully create a custom-cake for your special day like Plehn's bakery.

Plehn's, although primarily-known for their cakes, also offers other sweet treats. At Plehn's Bakery, you can walk in and see donuts, pastries, cookies, fresh bread, cupcakes, and ice cream. Fans of Plehn's also like to walk in every now and then to try samples of new or seasonal flavors. It's this openness with customers that has helped build Plehn's excellent reputation as a neighborly, down-home business for eighty-nine years.

Plehn's Bakery is located at 3940 Shelbyville Road. If you'd like to check out their website and see photos of some of their sweet treats, just click the link here: They are open every day of the week except for major holidays.

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