Prepare your House Before Selling

Careful planning and knowledge in sprucing up your home is the key to selling your house as soon as possible, with the price that you are asking for. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece; buyers will be happy knowing that the house that they are looking into buying has been well taken care of.  But how do you prepare your house so buyers will be rushing against other buyers to purchase your home?

First, say goodbye to your house even if you haven’t sold it yet. Disassociate yourself from it. If you can, let go of your emotions and focus on the fact that it will not be yours anymore. This will prepare you for when it is time to negotiate an offer.

Second, you have to de-personalize your house. Keep your photos and family heirlooms, but remove them from view while your house is listed. You want your buyers to imagine their own photos hanging on those walls. The more personal items that are in your house, the less potential buyers can imagine themselves living there. Consider hiring a home stager to maximize the full potential of your home.

Third, de-clutter your home. Over the course of time, you haven’t noticed that you have unused items piling someplace in your house. Or what about those items that you think you’ll use one day in the future? Also, remove all books from book cases, pack up those knickknacks and clean off everything on your kitchen counters.

Fourth, rearrange your bedroom closets and kitchen cabinets. Buyers love to snoop around; they may open cabinets and closets and tell you that they just want to make sure that the hinges are okay. When they see your stuff in disarray, they might think that you are not organized and that you didn’t take care of the house. Make sure that the dishes are in a neat stack, coffee cup handles facing the same direction, line up your shoes, hang shirts together, and more. Just pretend that you are OCD even if you are not.

Fifth, rent a storage unit. Eliminate pieces of furniture that block or obstruct paths and walkways and put them in storage.  Remove extra leaves from your dining room table to make the room appear larger. Leave enough furniture in your room just to show the purpose of your room. An overcrowded room makes the room seem smaller.

Sixth, remove or replace your favorite items. You love your book case, your chandelier, your corner table and everything else that you want to take with you. Keep it; do not show it to the buyers. The buyers might like it too and when they request for it and you say no, they may take it negatively and this might blow your chance of selling your home. If the buyers don’t see it, they won’t ask for it.

Seventh, make minor repairs. For someone who is inspecting a home that they are considering to buy, a little crack in the tile is a big deal. We may think that it’s not too noticeable, but for the buyers they are the eye catcher. So make sure that you replace cracked floor or counter tiles, patch holes in the wall, fix leaky faucets and doors that doesn’t close properly. Paint your walls in a neutral color.

Eighth, light up your house and make it sparkle. A dim house can make the house look smaller and dull. Replace burnt light bulbs with new ones and make sure that your house is sparkling clean. Remove cobwebs, wash the windows, polish chrome faucets and mirrors, wax floors and make sure your home smells good.

Ninth, scrutinize your own home. So how do you do this? Go out of your house and open the door, look at it and ask yourself if you want to go inside. Does it look welcoming? Make sure that every room in your house speaks friendly. Does your home invite buyers to come inside and feel at home?

Tenth, focus on curb appeal. Sometimes, first impressions do last. And the front of your house is the first thing that they will see. Make sure that the sidewalks are cleared and that the lawn is mowed. If you have faded window trims, repaint them. Plant colorful flowers and trim your bushes. Lastly, make sure that the visitors can read your house number.

Having a cozy home that looks refreshing will make your buyer think that this is the fresh start that they are looking for. You don’t need to upgrade your house to sell it in top dollar. Just show the buyers that your house has been well taken care of and they will be thinking twice about letting this opportunity go.


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