Restaurants I Like: Hammerheads - Germantown

Today I have decided to write a review about one of my favorite restaurants in the Germantown Neighborhood of Louisville: Hammerheads. Last time I wrote a review of Sari Sari in Clifton.

Located on Swan St in Germantown, Hammerheads is a locally owned and operated barbeque spot that has been open since the Fall of 2011.

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The small restaurant is located in the basement of an older building that has housed either a bar or restaurant for the past 50 years. In case you're afraid of missing the nondescript building, there is a large hammerhead shark located above the door, installed by one of the owners.

Hammerheads has a great menu for barbeque lovers and foodies alike. Patrons can order smoked meat sandwiches, burgers, and even duck tacos amongst other things. 

On my visit I had the pulled pork sandwich and fries and both were delicious. I was a bit suprised that the sandwich lacked the sweet and thick barbeque sauce that dominates this region, but instead it had a smoky, vinegar based sauce. The fries were thick cut and tasted like fresh potatoes. Next time I go back, I will have to try the Grippos Fries - Hammerheads fries tossed in the same seasoning that goes on Grippos Potato Chips.

My friend had the shrimp and grits. The shrimp was cooked well and the grits were creamy and had good texture. Overall, Hammerheads was a positive experience and I will definitely be back.

Here is Hammerheads Menu.


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