River City Races: Walks for Health, Cure, and Well-Being

A lot of people in the Louisville community may not know, but River City Races, which is a road-race management group who has been serving the Louisville community for going on nine years, is really revving up their engines this year in the fight against cancer and many other diseases and causes. For all the work that they have done in the community it is only right to explore their services and promote them as the premier association in the region for this type of work.

During its nine year tenure  of service in Louisville, Kentucky River City Races has gone on to include many different elements to the services that they offer to the non-profit organizations and government organizations that seek their expertise when it comes to fundraiser walks and benefits. Some of the many services River City Races offer include: a reach of 10k potential racers by way of the digitally distributed River City Races newsletter, online registration, course creation/measurement, tips on walking and preparing for a race, conduction of an awards ceremony as well as many other benefits. So now you may thinking ‘What else? Even McDonalds could sponsor a simple walk around the park, right?’ Wrong. In addition to the promotional and organizational tools that the company puts to use, they also feature a variety of challenging races that they are willing to host including the: Polar Bear Grant Prix, Reindeer Romp, Louisville Triple Crown of Running, the Snowman Shuffle 4 Miler and many more that are sure to make you break a sweat, but also make the participant feel accomplished and in a manner that is much more memorable than just giving money to a non-profit… The giver actually gets a chance to participate and have a good time as a thank you for their gift!

The August weather is perfect for getting some extra time in the sun after a hot summer and what more perfect time to experience some of the events that River City Races has to offer? Some of the upcoming events for River City Races include: The Walk Away from Colon Cancer and 5k Run, which is going to be hosted at Iroquois Park and was organized in order to raise funds as well as awareness in the quest to prevent treatable and detectable forms of colon cancer. Also the 29th Annual Pioneer Run, whose mission is to raise funds for breast cancer awareness and research, will be held on September 8th at Seneca Park.

As you can see, River City Races has a lot in store for the next couple weeks with plenty chances to enjoy some time out in the sun before the fall season. Go to www.rivercityraces.org in order to find out more information on races, start times and donations and how you can do your part in the race against preventable disease. 

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