Single Mingle Louisville

In a big city like Louisville, it can be difficult sometimes to make a connection. There are so many places to go, so many things to do, and so many people all over the place. You never know if you'll find someone you have something in common with or if it'll just be another night of struggling to make a connection. For many, seeking online help for your relationship struggles isn't an option they want to explore. While online dating has its merits, a good number of people are wary of trying to meet people on the web. Sometimes false advertising can come into play, and the people you wind up meeting in real life are nothing like the ones you chatted with online. This is where Single Mingle Louisville comes into the picture.

What is Single Mingle Louisville? For many Louisville singles, it's a organization that will hopefully help them meet their future husband or wife. Single Mingle Louisville recognizes that Louisville is a big city, and that it's hard to differentiate who's available and who's not at a bar or a nightclub. Single Mingle Louisville also recognizes that online dating is not for everyone, and that people in the city are looking for better ways to meet a partner. Therefore, the organization does something a little different--Single Mingle Louisville organizes events open to anyone who'd like to attend, and the purpose of the event is for single people to come, mingle with other people, and enjoy whatever Single Mingle planned for the evening. If you've been looking for a better way to meet people, this might be right up your alley.

The next event that Single Mingle Louisville has planned is a bourbon and wine-tasting night at Westport Whiskey and Wine in Westport Village. The event will be taking place on August 10th from 6-8 PM. Reservations can be made for those single people in the know, but walk-ins are just as welcome. As fellow singles enjoy the wine and bourbon being served at Westport Whiskey and Wine, hopefully some mingling will occur. Attendees find that when the expressed purpose is specifically to meet somebody, people are more comfortable and upfront. Instead of going to a crowded bar or club and guessing, you know that everybody who attends a Single Mingle event is looking for someone--and that someone could be you!

Westport Whiskey and Wine is located at 1115 Herr Lane in the Lyndon area of Louisville. If you'd like to reserve a spot for the event, just visit the following link: If you'd like to just consider it, remember that walk-ins are welcomed on the day of the event.

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