St. James Court Art Show

While there are events going on in Louisville throughout the year, there are certain events that draw a particularly high amount of attention. usually these are the kinds of events that really help define Louisville as a city. For example, when you think of events in Louisville, what comes to mind? Well, you might think of the Kentucky Derby--something that put Louisville on the map--or Thunder Over Louisville. Every year, thousands of people flock to enjoy these events, and it would be nearly impossible to find somebody in the city ignorant of the Derby or Thunder Over Louisville. Another event that has come to define Louisville is the St. James Court Art Show, held every year in the Old Louisville area of the city.

One of the reasons the St. James Court Art Show is such a big part of Louisville culture is because of the sheer scale of it. There are other art festivals showcasing local talent in the city, but none are quite as large as St. James. People can walk around for hours looking at the rows and rows of booths. Whether you are looking for art, clothing, handmade soaps, or pretty much anything that requires creativity to make, chances are you'll find it at St. James. Food is another huge part of the festival as well--many people love to walk by the booths while enjoying the kind of food you'd find at state fairs such as corndogs, popcorn, and all kinds of fried fare.

The St. James Court Art Show is yet another testament to all the talent you can find in Louisville. There is no shortage of artists making original things that people in the city love to buy. The St. James Art Fair is such a special experience that lots of people go without the intention of shopping--it's simply a spectacle to see all of the creations people have made. Parking is always an issue at the St. James Art Court Art Show, so the earlier you can get there, the better. Expect huge crowds--obviously, for an event that defines the city of Louisville, it's pretty popular.

This year, the St. James Court Art Show will be held on October 4th, 5th, and 6th. You can find the St. James Court Art Show at 1387 South Fourth Street. For more information on the St. James Court Art Show, just visit the following link:

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