St. Joseph's Annual Orphan Picnic Tonight

St. Joseph's Children’s Home has been a staple in the Louisville community for a very long time now, serving children who have been orphaned in the area. This Saturday they will be holding their annual St. Joseph's Orphans Picnic that averages a total of 60,000 people each year. The picnic which includes plenty of food and activities for the family is sure to draw a large crowd again this year, as well.

St. Joseph's Orphan society was formed in 1849 as a response to the Louisville cholera outbreak that happened in 1832 which left many young children orphaned and without families to go to. The society noticed the needs of the children and formed in order to create a place for the orphaned children to stay and afford them a chance at success. The Ursuline Sisters of Louisville administered the home from 1897 until 1972, where administration was transferred into the hands of those who were chosen by the center’s Trustee Board. What happened throughout the years until now was a series of expansions, renewals and excellent community work that has greatly improved the lives of those children who have been orphaned in the Louisville community. The services that the center offers include: a therapeutic/adoption program which assists with the adoption and support of families and individuals from birth to age 21 who have been through or are in the adoption process, a child development center which provides educational assistance and fun childcare for young children and a residential treatment program for boys and girls aged 6 -14 who have been through abuse and neglect. The services that the St. Joseph's Children’s Home provide are services that are very necessary in the community, especially to children that have been orphaned or abused and neglected. The center gives them a chance to grow and experience life the way any other child would.

A great deal of the fundraising for the center happens at the annual St. Joseph's Children’s Home Picnic that is being held this Saturday on August 11th. In 1851 the event was put together in order to raise money to pay for the centers finances, and ever since then the event has grown each year to average 63 booths, over 3,000 volunteers, and feature prizes such as weekend getaways and even free cars!

So this weekend come out to the St. Joseph's Children’s Home Annual Picnic and some fun with games, food and raffles, while showing your appreciation and support for the hard work that the center has done over the last century.

When: Saturday, August 11th, 2012 11am-12am

Where: St. Joseph's Childrens Home 2823 Frankfort Avenue, Louisville, KY 40206

Cost: Prices for different booths vary

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