St. Matthews Farmers Market

There are plenty of fun things to do in Louisville on a Saturday, but there's nothing quite like visiting your local farmers market. Not only do you get to sample some of the freshest fruit available, but you get to support local farmers. There's something special about sharing the experience with your neighborhood, too. At the St. Matthews Farmers Market, hosted every Saturday this summer at Beargrass Christian Church, locals can enjoy ultra-fresh produce, check out work from local artists, listen to good music, and connect with the rest of their community.

A huge number of vendors in Louisville sell both their produce and products at the St. Matthews Farmers Market. While it is possible to find tasty fruit and vegetables at your local supermarket, purchasing fresh strawberries that just came out of the ground is a different experience entirely. On the St. Matthews Farmers Market website, a chart is posted that demonstrates which fruits and vegetables are in season, and when. For example, in the month of June, beets, blackberries, blueberries, cauliflower, peaches, raspberries, and squash are all in season. For the full list of in-season fruits and vegetables, just click on the following link: The St. Matthews Farmers Market will run until mid-October, so keep an eye out for what will be fresh and when. You can be sure that if it's in season, you can find it at the farmers market.

The St. Matthews Farmers Market isn't all about food, though. Attendees can also expect to find products from local vendors such as jewelry, flowers, pottery, glass artwork, and soap. Louisville has several art festivals throughout the year where visitors can expect to find locally-made products, but those occur only few times every year--at the St. Matthews Farmers Market, you can find that every Saturday!

Another reason people love visiting the St. Matthews Farmers Market is the music. Every Saturday until October, different musicians will be playing at the market. This coming Saturday on June 8th, Justin Lewis will be performing. He describes his music as folk, somewhat similar to Tom Waits. The next Saturday, June 15th, Leigh Ann Yost will be visiting the farmers market at Beargrass Christian Church. Yost describes her style as 'pop-folk'. Different artists will be playing every Saturday until the St. Matthews Farmers Market wraps it up for the year. If you're interested in hearing local music while you purchase local produce, visiting Beargrass Christian Church on a Saturday morning may be right up your alley.

If checking out the St. Matthews Farmers Market seems like something you want to do, you have every Saturday until October 12th to do it. Just come to Beargrass Christian Church at anytime between 8 AM and noon on a Saturday, and you'll see why the St. Matthews Farmers Market has been such a success since its opening in 2007. For more information including upcoming musicians and vendors, click the following link for the official St. Matthews Farmers Market website:,

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