The Animal Care Society's Bark in the Park and Woof Walk

One of the most apparent things about Louisville is the fact that it is a city full of animal lovers. No matter what part of Louisville you're in, you are almost guaranteed to see people taking their dogs out for a walk or a run. All of Louisville's parks, regardless of the day of the week, are filled with people out with their dogs. With multiple Kentucky Humane Society locations as well as several no-kill shelters, animal adoption is a common occurance, and people love nothing more than adopting an animal in need and bringing it back to their home. On the weekends, many families go to their local Feeders Supply store and pick out a new puppy or kitten to take home. People in this city realize how loving a relationship with a pet can be, and they're always willing to help out when it comes to pets who haven't found a home yet.

Helping out pets without homes is what the Animal Care Society's Bark in the Park and Woof Walk is all about. On September 28th, starting at 8 AM, pet-lovers can come to Seneca Park and partake in all the activities this wonderful event boasts. You can bring your pet, of course, and have them participate in contests. There will also be agility and disc demonstrations for those who'd like to teach their pet a bit more about having fun outdoors. The main point of Bark in the Park and Woof Walk is for the Animal Care Society, one of Louisville's many no-kill shelters, to raise the funds necessary to care for some of Louisville's homeless cats and dogs. To raise these funds, attendees can participate in live auctions as well as purchase products from several vendors who will have booths in Seneca Park. Why not enjoy a day out with your dog in the cool, fall weather while helping out some other dogs and cats in need? The event also boasts food and live music, so it sounds like the makings of a very fun Saturday.

If for any reason you have doubts about how fun the Animal Care Society's Bark in the Park and Woof Walk will be, here's this bit of information: the event won Louisville Tails Magazine's "Best Annual Pet Event" honor. Why not be a part of it this year? Seneca Park can be found at 3151 Pee Wee Reese Road. For more information about the Animal Care Society and pets that they have available for adoption, just visit the following link:

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