The Artist in You at Westport Village

Whether or not we're good at art, most of us can say that we appreciate it. There's something very special about seeing something that originated in someone's mind brought to life. Having an original piece of art in your home can bring a lot to a room--visitors can discuss it, wonder what the artist was thinking about when they made it, or simply say, "Hey, that's really pretty!". No matter how simple or complex, art is something that people love, and our world would be very different without it.

The same goes for Louisvillians--we love art! In recent years, many places that allow visitors to make their own art have been cropping up around the city. You can attend classes where instructors walk you through painting a specific landscape or still-life. One of the coolest art places to visit, though, is The Artist in You at Westport Village. Through assistance and stencils, anyone can visit The Artist in You and come out of it with a gorgeous piece of pottery or glasswork.

So what is the process of creating something at The Artist in You? Well, first of all, if you're interested in painting a piece of pottery, you must pick what kind of pottery you'd like to paint. There are choices for you at The Artist in You, ranging from vases to plates. After you've chosen what you'd like to paint, you choose what you'd like to paint on it. Many stencils exist for you to paint from including Christmas trees, rainbows, sunsets, and countless more options. If you feel like being extra-artistic, you can even sketch whatever design you'd like to paint freehanded. No one at The Artist in You will hold you back!

After you paint the stencil or sketch, your piece of pottery is placed in the kiln to receive a finishing glaze. Just pick up your original piece at The Artist in You one week later, and there you go! You can have something special in your house that no one else has. Their glass fusion process is just as cool. Come into the store and learn how to make awesome works of art with melted, fused glass. Whether you choose to do pottery or glass, you are sure to leave The Artist in You will something super cool.

The Artist in You is located at 1321 Herr Lane in the Westport Village shopping center. They are opened seven days a week, but their hours vary, so make sure to check out the website before making a trip over there:

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