The Baxter Avenue Morgue

What is it about getting scared that we love so much? Is it the adrenaline rush, the sudden fight-or-flight response we get from the shock of being startled suddenly? Or is it how the fear seems to stay with us and makes us think about the dark places of the world, late at night as we are falling asleep? No matter what kind of fear you’re looking for, Halloween is the best time of year to get that thrill you’ve been craving, and there is no better way to get it than at the Baxter Avenue Morgue.

Louisville’s most beloved haunted house is back again this year with an amazing cast of ghosts and demons to follow you into the basement of the Baxter Avenue Morgue. The Morgue has a unique and disturbing history, dating back to the 1900s when it was known as the Vanderdark Funeral Home, a trusted and respected establishment. But when Victor Vanderdark when missing in October of 1932, the business was left to his only son, Warren, and from there the history of the Morgue becomes quite mysterious. Warren Vanderdark (whose wife and daughter disappeared around this time) faced the growing unrest of a community that had become suspicious of the activities at the Morgue. Even changing the name to the Baxter Avenue Morgue to dissociate it from the tainted Vanderdark name did no good, and it eventually closed, though activity in the basement never seemed to cease.

Now the Baxter Avenue Morgue is one of the most popular haunted houses in Louisville, revealing what eventually became of all the missing people, pets, and grave robberies that took place around the time Warren Vanderdark was at the Morgue. There are lots of special discounts, including group discounts and coupons, so make sure to check out their website at and save a few bucks on your way to the Morgue, open now throughout October. No Halloween is complete without a trip to the haunted house, so make sure you stop by the scariest show in town at the Baxter Avenue Morgue!

Where: 451 Baxter Avenue, on the corner of Baxter and Hull Street.

When: Thur: 8pm - 11pm. Fri: 8pm - 1am. Sat: 8pm - 1am. Sun: 8pm- 11pm.

Extra Nights: Monday, Oct. 29th 8pm - 11pm. Tuesday, Oct. 30th 8pm - 11pm. Halloween Night 8pm - 11pm.

General Admission: $20

SPEEDPASS Admission: $40 (allows you to bypass the waiting lines before and after the ticket window)

Free parking in front of the Baxter Avenue building, on Hull Street, and and next to Baxter Jacks Volleyball Court on Lexington Road!

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