The Exuberant, Elegant & Alive Old Louisville Homes Tour

The current weather forecast for this Saturday is eight degrees and sunny. Why is this relevant, you may be asking? This Saturday is a great opportunity to explore Old Louisville and the beautiful Victorian architecture that lines the streets. The Caldwell-Conrad House Museum presents the Exuberant, Elegant & Alive Old Louisville Homes Tour. Is there a better day to stroll through one of the nation’s largest preservation districts and admire the beautiful homes and finishes in the neighborhood?

The walking tour will give guests an inside view on the culture of the neighborhood and the exciting people who call Old Louisville home. You will have the opportunity to explore ten homes as you wonder through the historic streets. Make sure you take time to marvel at the exquisite details that make this neighborhood stand out. Refreshments will be on hand at the Conrad-Caldwell House. Local author David Domine will be present to sign copies of his book that the tour is named after, Old Louisville: Exuberant, Elegant, and Alive.

The book Old Louisville: Exuberant, Elegant, and Alive gives you a personal tour of fifty homes in the historic neighborhood. Hear the story and see pictures of large Victorian homes and other beautiful homes turned into museums and hotels. Many different styles of architecture make up the well-known neighborhood, and each are noted in Domine’s book. His historic commentary, paired with beautiful pictures, make for a great conversation piece. If you’ve always been curious about what Old Louisville is really like, this book and tour are a great way to dive into the unique culture that makes up Old Louisville.

David Domine has been a resident of Kentucky since 1993, and has lived in Old Louisville since 1999. He has written several books regarding the history and culture of Kentucky. Drawing from his own personal experience, several books focus on the ghosts of Old Louisville. Domine is a local professor who shares his knowledge and love of writing with students.

If your heart skips a beat at the view of beautiful historic architecture, plan on heading to the Exuberant, Elegant & Alive Old Louisville Homes Tour. The celebration and tour is on Saturday, May 24th from 12:00 to 5:00 p.m. at The Conrad-Caldwell House Museum, located at 1402 Saint James Court. Advanced tickets for the walking tour are $20.00, or $25.00 a piece at the door.

The Conrad-Caldwell House Museum will have a collection station near the ticket booth. Guests are encouraged to donate new or used shoes. Waterstep, a local company, will sell the shoes to an exporter. The money generated will help to fund safe drinking water projects around the world. Your donations will help change someone’s life!

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