The FAT Friday Trolley Hops

No matter how long you’ve lived in Louisville, I guarantee you still have more to discover about this wonderful city. There are hidden delights waiting around every corner, and it would take you a lifetime to find them all on your own. Bars and restaurants tucked away down side roads. Specialty shops you’ve never even heard of. Pet stores and gyms and coffee joints that have been around for ages, just out of sight. It’s a treasure trove out there for the ultimate shopper in all of us, and thanks to Historic Frankfort Avenue, unearthing these rare gems has become a whole lot easier. 

On the last Friday of every month, you can enjoy a free trolley ride through the Clifton, Crescent Hill, and Butchertown neighborhoods to get a little glimpse of what these communities have to offer. This area of town is known for its unique shops and quant atmosphere, inviting you to take a stroll up Frankfort Avenue and take your time browsing all the different stores and coffee shops, and maybe even stop in for a bite at one of the local spots. Once you step on the trolley, you are transported up Frankfort, then down Story Avenue and Mellwood Avenue for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience you won’t soon forget. 

Since the FAT Friday Trolley Hop began back in 2004, participating galleries, restaurants, and stores have really gone all out for these monthly shopping sprees. Many establishments provide complimentary refreshments, so you’ll be able to stay fueled and hydrated as you scan the merchandise. And there are usually a number of special sales on trolley hop nights, offering big discounts for all the trolley riders to keep them coming back for other great deals. Now that the trolley route has been permanently extended, you’ll have a wider range of places to explore and purchases to make than ever before. 

With free parking in addition to a free trolley ride, there’s really no reason not to attend. And even if you miss this one, you can catch the next one in January, or February, or whatever Friday you can make at the end of the month. If you’ve been wanting to uncover another side to Louisville, then make sure to catch this trolley and take a ride through one of the city’s least known (but still well loved!) spots. You’ll be coming back for another walk up Frankfort Avenue, trolley hop or not. 

Where: Frankfort, Story, and Mellwood Avenue. Board the trolley at any designated stop. To find one, visit

When: December 28th, from 6pm to 10:30pm, as well as the last Friday of every month. 

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