The Galt House Hotel

A lot of Louisvillians have heard of the Galt House, but do they know the long and dramatic history of the hotel? For many, the Galt House is simply known as a large hotel in Downtown Louisville that sits beside the Ohio River. While this much is true, there is a lot more worth knowing about the massive hotel, including its rich history and the awesome things to do inside of the building today. For example, did you know that the Galt House has been a name in Louisville since 1834? Did you know it's the largest hotel in the entire state?

While the Galt House name has existed since 1834, the Galt House that you can see today overlooking the Ohio River is not the same building. The first Galt House building was located on the corner of Second and Main Street--unlike today's Galt House on Fourth Street--and it only accommodated sixty rooms, not 1300. While the first Galt House stood, historical figures including Ulysses S. Grant and Abraham Lincoln stayed inside of its doors. The hotel actually played a significant role in the Civil War--it's where Grant and William Tecumseh Sherman met and discussed what would later be come to know as 'Sherman's March'. After being burned down in 1865, the first Galt House was no more...but as we all know today, that wasn't the end of the story.

The Galt House that you can see today in Downtown Louisville was constructed in 1972. Clearly, the developers had an idea of a much larger hotel, building it at twenty-five stories high and, as previously stated, containing 1300 rooms. You may be wondering at this point why it's worth talking so much about a hotel, but trust me--the Galt House is in a class of its own. While the first Galt House may have functioned as a small, simple hotel, the current building holds the title of the largest hotel in Kentucky. When you hear what you can do at the hotel, it's easy to see how all that space is taken up. After getting a good night's sleep, guests can enjoy the following things at the Galt House: six restaurants, a shopping center, two ballrooms, an exhibit hall, a salon, a spa, and a fitness center. This isn't any old fitness center either--at the Galt House, you can work out at the Club 360 Rooftop Fitness Center, which provides stunning views from the hotel's rooftop of the Ohio River. With all of this information, it's easy to see why people are still flocking to book events and spend the night at the Galt House Hotel today.

The Galt House is the perfect place to stay for anyone wishing to explore more of Downtown Louisville. The hotel features skywalks that connect to both the Kentucky International Convention Center and the KFC Yum! Center, two other big names in the city. For more information on this record-breaking hotel including booking rates and event information, just visit the following link:

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