The KentuckyOne Health Four De Lis Classic Series

Staying fit is an important part of life. While working out isn't a necessity, remaining healthy can definitely improve the quality of your life. Very many people in Louisville love to enjoy the outdoors while getting a good workout--this is evidenced by the countless people you can find running around the city on a nice day. Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer knows that exercise is important to Louisvillians, and that's why he's put together the Four De Lis Classic Series, four runs that will be taking place between late May and November.

The first run will be on Memorial Day in Waterfront Park, which is located in Downtown Louisville. Waterfront Park is a popular spot in Louisville, mostly because of the beautiful views. While in Waterfront Park, you can look out on the Ohio River and over the bridge to Indiana. In the summertime when the weather is warm and bright, Waterfront Park is a must-visit place. The run on May 27th at Waterfront Park will be a 5K.

The next run will be taking place on Labor Day on The Belvedere, a wide expanse of lawn located near Waterfront Park. The Belvedere, also known as Riverfront Plaza, runs between Fourth and Sixth Street in Downtown Louisville. That run, which takes place on September 2, will be a 10K.

On October 19th, the Fall Trail Run will be held at Jefferson Memorial Forest. That run will be another 5K. Jefferson Memorial Forest, one of the nation's largest urban forests, is located in the southwest area of Louisville known as the 'knobs'. It's a beautiful park with many lakes and hiking trails. The last run, called the Light Up Louisville Run Run Rudolph Run, will be on November 26th. This 5K, which will be ran between Fourth Street and Market in Downtown Louisville, will be the last run in the Four De Lis Classic. Light Up Louisville is another popular Louisville event that ushers in the beginning of the Christmas season. On the night after the run, Downtown Louisville is filled with lights, singing, and a parade down Fourth Street. After the 5K, runners can stick around and enjoy the Light Up Louisville events.

If you're interested in running one or all of the runs in the Four De Lis Classic seasons, visit the following link to register: You're sure to not only work out your body but see some of the beautiful sights that the city of Louisville has to offer.

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