The Louisville Palace Wedding Show

Special moments call for special celebrations. Beautiful decorations, warm and delightful settings. Friends and family sharing delicious meals. All of these things go into making festivals and ceremonies something to be remembered, and nothing is more sacred than the wedding ceremony. Yet the amount of work that surrounds the walk to the alter can sometimes be daunting enough to say “I don‘t”. What should you buy, and how much of it? And no matter if it’s flowers, food, or party favors, where do you buy the things you need most?

Well, the Louisville Palace has thought of a way to bring the solutions to all your wedding problems under one roof. On January 11th, the Louisville Palace Wedding Show will be putting on display beautiful wedding pieces from some of the best vendors in Louisville, helping brides-to-be find the most unique, stylish, and modern designs for their nuptials. The setting will reflect this sentiment, with the Louisville Palace providing a backdrop of refined art and history that supports modern tastes (and talents!) in the community.

You’ll be able to browse the innovative work of these handpicked vendors, the best in their fields. While you search for the perfect accessories, you’ll be able to enjoy music from the popular band The Crashers, adding some tuneful entertainment to your evening. The Louisville Palace’s full bars will be open, so you’ll have a great selection of delicious drinks to choose from as you peruse the aisles. And stick around until the end of the night if you want to possibly win some awesome door prizes.

This wedding show is an amazing opportunity for anyone preparing their vows, or even those who just want to get a vague idea of how they’d like to construct their own ceremonies someday. A $5 fee applies at the door, but if you register online at, then admission is free!  No matter if you already have a certain style in mind for your wedding, or need help finding the perfect style to fit you, the Louisville Palace Wedding Show will provide a myriad of choices for your special day. Don’t forget to drop in at the sophisticated Louisville Palace for this one-of-a-kind show, and see what all the wedding vendors have to offer.

Where: The Louisville Palace, 625 S. Fourth St., Louisville, KY 40202

When: January 11th, 2013, from 6pm to 11pm.

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