The MS Pumpkin Derby

Our city hosts a lot of events to benefit great causes. Every month, there's at least a few walks or runs to either benefit people in need or to raise money for efforts like cancer research. There are galas, too, which draw in countless people and raise money through events like silent auctions. One of the most interesting events coming up in Louisville is the MS Pumpkin Derby on November 2nd, which will help to raise awareness about multiple sclerosis.

The MS Pumpkin Derby was actually created by a Girl Scout who wanted to educate people about the disease of multiple sclerosis and how it affects people. While the MS Pumpkin Derby is a fun event for a number of reasons, the main purpose is to raise awareness. Away from all the action of the event, which I'll discuss shortly, is the MS Awareness Village. Multiple booths will be set up here, and visitors to the MS Awareness Village can learn all about multiple sclerosis, what it's like to have the disease, and how best to recognize and manage the symptoms that MS sufferers deal with.

Now, on to the derby part of the MS Pumpkin Derby. It's pretty much exactly what it sounds like--participants will outfit their pumpkin with wheels and axles, and at the start of the race, everyone will let go of their pumpkin and watch it race down the ramp. The winners in all four divisions (young, adult small pumpkin, adult large pumpkin, and corporate) will receive both a trophy and the fame that comes with winning the MS Pumpkin Derby. If you're interested in possibly constructing and racing your very own pumpkin, the registration fee is twenty-five dollars, and when you register you'll also receive a free tee shirt and a Fun Zone wristband, which will gain you entry to all the activities at the Fun Zone. For more information, click here:

The Fun Zone--which will include a bouncy house, concessions, crafts, face-painting booths, and pumpkin bowling--will be there for the young ones to enjoy when they're not watching a fast-paced pumpkin derby race. While registering gets you a Fun Zone wristband, Fun Zone wristbands can also be purchased separately for five dollars. If you're looking for a great place for your child to not only be educated about multiple sclerosis but also to have a great time racing pumpkins and playing games, then the MS Pumpkin Derby might just be the event for you!

The MS Pumpkin Derby will be hosted at Louisville Slugger Field, located at 401 East Main Street. The event will began at 10 AM.

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